Bills’ Mitch Morse on the traits Josh Allen shares with Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes

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Pundits and fans can offer their thoughts of the similarities between quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs and the Bills’ Josh Allen, but that’s limited to physical traits: arm strength, rushing ability, etc.

But Bills center Mitch Morse can go deeper than that as he has a special connection with both. Not only has he been in the huddle with both but also snapped the ball to them.

Morse was selected by the Chiefs in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft out of the University of Missouri. Two years later, the Chiefs drafted Mahomes, who took the starting role in 2018.

When the Chiefs lost in overtime of the 2018 AFC Championship Game, Morse had played his final game in Kansas City. He signed a free-agent contract with the Bills and has since been snapping to Allen.

This week, Morse was asked what, if any, traits Mahomes and Allen share.

“Both fiercely competitive players,” Morse said in a video from Twitter user Matthew Bove. “Through the ebbs and flows of the season, the game, they’re unwavering in their professionalism and their fiery spirit. Both guys who are very approachable as people. And both guys who are loved by their locker rooms respectively.”

What the QBs say

This week, Mahomes was asked about his counterpart on the Bills.

”He’s a tremendous player. I actually know him a little bit off the field as well,” Mahomes said. “Great dude. They put a lot on his shoulders and he rises to the occasion. I mean he’s able to run the ball, he can throw the ball, he has the arm strength to throw it anywhere on the football field, and he makes great decisions. ... It’s definitely a great challenge for us as a team to compete with him.”

Mahomes and Allen hung out with Peyton Manning at The Masters, as Manning said in November.

Allen said he’s honored to be compared to Mahomes.

“The quarterbacks, they get a lot of the praise and they get a lot of the hate, downfall and all that stuff, too. And I think it just kind of comes with this position that we play,” Allen said, per “(Mahomes) has done all the major things that you want to accomplish in your career and obviously he wants more too.”

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