The Billion Happiness NFT Platform Launching 8th of May

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Strasbourg, France--(Newsfile Corp. - May 7, 2021) - Billion Happiness sets to storm the NFT market with their incredible NFT market. The Company aims to become one of the largest open and interoperable global marketplaces for NFTs set on the BSC network.

Billions Happiness

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Billion Happiness has a token minted on the BSC network called $BHC. BHC is supported by $HPS, which serves as a booster for the $BHC project for the smooth running of the ecosystem and the NFT marketplace's development. One of the goals is to have "product ownership" in order to prevent counterfeit items, thus paving the way for the development of the NFT marketplace.

Aims of $BHC NFT platform

Fixing the issues of scalability and elimination of counterfeit items
Scalability remains a significant issue in blockchain development, but the binance smart chain comes in to solve that problem. BHC, through the BSC network, brings satisfaction to the market by ensuring the validity of products on the market through the use of blockchain technologies.

Supports multiple minting

Current NFT markets on the smart chain network shut option for multiple minting, giving artists limited market exposure. But BH solves that by creating room for artists to perform multiple minting.

Support for individual artists
They are creating local support for bsc artists and not only partnered NFT's providing rooms for small artists to list their works on the marketplace.

Billion Happiness NFT marketplace will serve as the Binance Smart Chain primary marketplace allowing the vast number of users to list ERC-721 based NFT's that support minting and animated works.

Their platform consists of two main categories, Artwork, and Memes.
The Artwork category allows an artist to mint any form of art, abstract/complex drawings.
The Memes section is dedicated to anything with humor, but the Company looks forward to adding more options with time.

HPS token serves as a booster token for their NFT platform. HPS is for trading and the creation of NFT on the platform. HPS can be traded on Julswap or provide liquidity and earn back HPS rewards.

Billions Happiness dualized the option to pay for listing on the marketplace, hic allows listing fees to be paid either in BNB or HPS.

If a user pays fee in HPS 50% of fees would be burned 50% will be allocated to Billion Happiness

If users pay listing fees in BNB 50% of the fees are for BHC buyback then redistributed to all NFT buyers on the platform and 50% of fees are allocated to Billion Happiness.

Essentials of NFT as the new trend.

  1. Utility: NFT's can provide the authenticity of an asset. This is very useful for artwork, media, and entertainment. Also, to curtail the level of copyright infringement and plagiarism.

  2. Ownership: with the blockchain ability to confirm the authenticity of owners, owners with prominent/reputable background can increase the price of the NFT

  3. Future value: due to NFT's being scarce, it drives up the price, especially when the art gains popularity. Most NFT's are for the long-term run.

  4. Liquidity premium: NFT's are easily traded in with limited fractions in the market; investors prefer to buy NFT's with high trading volume.

HPS for Billion Happiness NFT Marketplace

Previously, they introduced HPS as the Billion Happiness Initiative Booster. HPS or Happiness Token is the lifeblood of the Billion Happiness NFT Marketplace. It can help fund, create and grow the NFT Billion Happiness Marketplace. It will act as a fee for minting NFTs and an alternate incentive token for the NFT Marketplace Ecosystem.

How is HPS different from BHC?

HPS and BHC are two primary tokens of Billion Happiness. Consider them as siblings. These tokens are created for different purposes. It is important to understand how they vary from one another. BHC was created for the Billion Happiness Community which serves as cashback for an e-commerce store - the first BH project. It has a fixed supply and is considered a store of value.

Further development leads to BHC being traded, staked, farmed on DeFi world. Hence, HPS, as previously mentioned, will be the BH Project Booster token, minting fee for BH NFT Marketplace, and is deflationary. And indeed, you will soon be able to trade, stake, and farm HPS on different exchanges, following in the footsteps of BHC.

NFT Market Place will be launched on 8th of May 2021

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