Bill Murray unexpectedly barges onto 'Late Show' with t-shirt cannon

Bill Murray surprised everyone at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert when he came busting through a studio door donning a patriotic top hat and a t-shirt cannon.

Accompanied by two helpers, Murray fired t-shirt after t-shirt into the audience. Even when the gun stopped firing, the actor threw t-shirts by hand.

A surprised Colbert said, "I did not expect you till the next act, Bill... We break the show up into different little segments here."

The legendary actor was probably just trying to get the interview taped before the start of game 5 of the NLCS.

Murray is a well known Cubs fan. In fact, Colbert asked him to provide reaction moments for both a win and a loss.

To help Murray in this endeavor, Colbert poured a generous glass of rum on the rocks with a slice of orange.

For the winning take, Murray slammed the drink. But for the losing take, Murray drank very slowly. He explained, "This one we can sip because it's got to last all winter."