Bill Gates makes Leonard cry on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Bill Gates made an appearance on The Big Bang Theory and, believe it or not, the boys were more than just a little excited. The premise was that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was looking to team up with a pharmaceutical company to develop affordable vaccines and Penny was going to show Gates around the labs. Leonard and the guys were supposed to leave Gates alone, but that didn’t happen.Leonard, Howard, and Raj found out what hotel Gates was staying in and waited for him in the lobby. When Gates finally appeared, Leonard just had to say hello. This wasn’t the first time Leonard had met him. As he told Penny earlier, he’d met Gates before and began to cry. This meeting would be no different.Leonard approached Gates and said, “Mr. Gates, I’m Dr. Leonard Hofstadter. We’ve actually met before.” Gates responded, “Sorry, I don’t remember.” At this point, Leonard began to break down as he told Gates how much it meant to meet him. Gates asked, “Would you like a tissue?” “How about a hug?” Leonard replied.” But Gates wasn’t up for a hug, saying, “How about a tissue?”Penny didn’t know about this tearful reunion but she was about to find out. She FaceTimed Leonard with Gates, who recognized him, and threw him under the bus.