Bill Gates Gets a New Nickname from Questlove After Telling Musician His Family Calls Him Trey

The billionaire and the musician found common ground on a number of topics on this week's episode of 'Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates'

Bill Gates has a name that's known all around the world but he just got a new nickname thanks to Questlove.

In this week's episode of Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder and the musician talked about what names their family members call them.

“Well, my dad was also Bill, and he was quite tall, so people called him Bill or Big Bill,” Gates told The Roots drummer, whose real name is Ahmir K. Thompson. “I’m the third. So in my family, the nickname is Trey.”

“Your name is Trey?” the musician asked. “Dawg, that’s a hood name.”

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As the conversation continued, the musician suggested a new nickname for the billionaire.

“I mean, you’re a power broker, so you should be Trey-Rock. That’s your name," he said. "I’ll be Questlove, and you’re Trey-Rock. You know I’m going to call you that till the day you die.”

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Elsewhere in the podcast, the 52-year-old musician and the 67-year-old billionaire reached common ground on a number of other topics, including their interest in plant-based foods and music as well as how they like to spend their downtime.

Opening up about their love of Wordle, both men shared how they like to play the popular word game.

Gates explained that he plays with a group of four other people. "Every morning, it's like, oh, somebody got a three. Damn," he said.

Meanwhile, Questlove who is a part of three different group chats about the game said he likes to wait until the last hour of the day to attempt the word puzzle.

“Based on their reactions, I can tell if something is a double letter,” he shared. “I can tell if it’s super angry, and it’s like their fifth or sixth attempt, then I know, well it must be a K or a Z or an X. So, I have an advantage to it.”

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The pair also opened up about the impact the pandemic had on their loves.

For Questlove, he said he “just went back to being an eight-year-old,” and watched cartoons and drew and sketched.

Gates said that in addition to using his resources to help fund vaccine development he also got into some new routines.

"One nice thing was because I had no meetings I had to go to, I started exercising, particularly playing tennis a lot more. It really knocked me out of my normal pattern," he said. "There’s some of these things that weren’t bad, but now, I’m living a somewhat different set of priorities. I have to add it all up. You can’t do all the stuff that you learned to like during the pandemic, and then all that stuff you did beforehand."

Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates is now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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