Bill Barr knocks Trump for having verbal skills that ‘are limited’

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr knocked former President Trump’s verbal skills in Friday comments.

“His verbal skills are limited,” Barr said at an event at The University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

When asked if the former President was “losing it” by CBS correspondent Jan Crawford, Barr said Trump is “not very disciplined with what he says.”

Barr’s comments about the complexity of the former president’s vocabulary prompted laughs from the audience.

“If you get him away from ‘very, very, very,’ you know, the adjectives … they’re unfamiliar to him and they spill out, and he goes too far,” he said.

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The escalating feud between Trump and his former AG reached a fever pitch over the summer, with Trump’s indictment on federal charges adding accelerant to the conflict between the two.

Barr has been one of the most prominent members of Trump’s former administration to publicly criticize his former boss’s behavior and to vouch for a federal indictment against Trump.

Barr served as Trump’s attorney general for two years before resigning in December 2020 when the president claimed the presidential election was stolen and rigged. Barr, who oversaw the Department of Justice, said there was no basis for the claims of widespread voter fraud. He has also testified before the House panel investigating the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol.

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