Private school basketball players get another chance to ‘audition’ for college coaches

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For the second straight week, some of the state’s private school basketball teams will play a series of games in front of college coaches.

This will be the third NCAA “Live Period” for recruits to play with their high school teams. In 2019, there were two held in North Carolina and more than 150 coaches attended.

For years, the NCAA has held live period events for travel teams, usually in April and July, to give Division I college coaches a chance to see top recruits up close and personal.

Those events usually center around shoe-sponsored circuits from Nike, adidas and Under Armour and featured a select group of the nation’s best players. Coaches also attend non-shoe circuit events throughout the nation.

But the high school events allows kids another chance to be seen, in a different environment and role from what they might have on their travel team, which generally bring the best players from multiple high schools together.

Last weekend, more than 150 college coaches watched private school games at the Gateway YMCA in Winston-Salem, as well as at Forsyth Country Day School. The public schools played at the Rise Indoor Sports facility in Advance, NC.

There is no public school event scheduled for this week, so the private schools will have the stage to themselves.

The schedule:


Main Court

Metrolina Christian vs. Covenant Day, 6; Greensboro Day vs. Raleigh Trinity, 7; Freedom Christian vs. Durham Academy, 8; Forsyth Country Day vs. United Faith Christian, 9.

Court 2

Charlotte Latin vs. Northside Christian, 5; Providence Day vs. Gaston Day, 6; Cannon School vs. Legion Collegiate, 7; Calvary Day vs. Ravenscroft School, 8; The Burlington School vs. High Point Christian, 9.

Court 3

Christ School vs. Hickory Grove Christian, 5; Wesleyan Christian vs. Westminster Catawba, 6; GRACE Christian vs. Carmel Christian, 7; Concord Academy vs. Asheville Christian, 8; Westchester Country Day vs. North Raleigh Christian, 9.


Main Court

Carmel Christian vs. Asheville Christian, 9 a.m.; Concord Academy vs. Durham Academy, 10; Gaston Day vs. Covenant Day, 11; Freedom Christian vs. Christ School, noon.

Charlotte Latin vs. Concord Academy, 1; Gaston Day vs. Greensboro Day, 2; GRACE Christian vs. Northside Christian, 3.

The Burlington School vs. Raleigh Trinity, 4; Ravenscroft School vs. Gaston Christian, 5; Westminster Catawba vs. United Faith Christian, 6; The Burlington School vs. Legion Collegiate, 7.

Court 2

Westchester Country Day vs. Hickory Grove Christian, 9 a.m.; Charlotte Country Day vs. Christian School, 10; North Raleigh Christian vs. High Point Christian, 11; Carmel Christian vs. Calvary Day, noon.

Charlotte Country Day vs. Durham Academy, 1; Calvary Day vs. Metrolina Christian, 2; Forsyth Country Day vs. Gaston Christian, 3.

Charlotte Latin vs. Legion Collegiate, 4; Cannon School vs. Metrolina Christian, 5; Greensboro Day vs. Northside Christian, 6; Providence Day vs. Wesleyan Christian, 7.

Court 3

Covenant Day vs. Freedom Christian, 9 a.m.; Westchester Country Day vs. GRACE Christian, 11; Asheville Christian vs. Raleigh Trinity, noon.

High Point Christian vs. Hickory Grove Christian, 1; North Raleigh Christian vs. Mount Zion, 2; Westminster Catawba vs. Cannon School, 3.

Providence Day vs. United Faith Christian, 4; Mount Zion vs. Wesleyan Christian, 5; Forsyth Country Day vs. Ravenscroft School, 7.


Main Court

Concord Academy vs. High Point Christian, 10 a.m.; Christ School vs. Cannon School, 11; Carmel Christian vs. Concord Academy, noon.

Greensboro Day vs. Christ School, 1; Cannon School vs. The Burlington School, 2; Northside Christian vs. Legion Collegiate, 3; The Burlington School vs. Westminster Catawba, 4.

Court 2

Covenant Day vs. Asheville Christian, 10 a.m.; Ravenscroft School vs. Charlotte Country Day, 11; High Point Christian vs. Asheville Christian, noon.

Covenant Day vs. Northside Christian, 1; Forsyth Country Day vs. Wesleyan Christian, 2; Greensboro Day vs. Metrolina Christian, 3; Wesleyan Christian vs. United Faith Christian, 4.

Court 3

Carmel Christian vs. Legion Collegiate, 10 a.m.; Durham Academy vs. Westchester Country Day, 11; Providence Day vs. Westminster Catawba, noon.

Metrolina Christian vs. Durham Academy, 1; Ravenscroft School vs. United Faith Christian, 2; Charlotte Country Day vs. Westchester Country Day, 3; Forsyth Country Day vs. Providence Day, 4.

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