Big Brother's Henry Southan gives verdict on Jordan's famous Pot Noodle recipe

Big Brother's Henry Southan gives verdict on Jordan's famous Pot Noodle recipe

Big Brother's Henry Southan has given his long-awaited verdict on series winner Jordan Sangha's infamous Pot Noodle recipe.

Food is often a hotly contested topic within the confines of the Big Brother house, and the recent ITV reboot of the original reality show was no exception, with Jordan turning the stomachs of viewers and fellow housemates alike upside down when he squirted mayonnaise into a freshly made Pot Noodle.

Now, Henry, who placed third behind Jordan and Olivia, has given his verdict on Jordan's recipe after Jordan last week suggested that he and Henry have decided to make their relationship official.

jordan sangha eating a pot noodle on big brother day 3, 2023

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While participating in a Q and A on X, a fan asked Henry what his opinion was on the combo, to which Henry replied: "Despicable."

Other questions fielded to the food critic resulted in Henry giving a few revelations from behind the Big Brother scenes.

One fan asked Henry how long he had to wait in the car at the very start of the series before his entrance to the house, to which Henry replied: "It was the most painful wait in history. Sat in a car park when you could hear the roaring cheers from the crowd certainly sent my nerves spiralling."

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He also added that the Big Brother House's morning alarm was "literally the worst part of the whole experience".

In response to various other questions, Henry confirmed that the final five housemates spent their final Friday in the house "singing and dancing to various musicals", and that his Greggs order is a steak bake.

Big Brother will return next year on ITV2 and ITVX. Each episode is followed by Big Brother: Late & Live at 10pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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