Big Brother recap: Will the veto competition turn the Leftovers against each other?

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This week's Big Brother eviction seemed all but set not too long ago. With Daniel imploding after Nicole was voted out of the house, and the Leftovers in control of the game, there seemed to be no reason to rock the boat with nominations this week, and simply target Daniel and get him out of the house. But, after putting Monte, Terrance, and Joseph on the block as pawns, Michael and some of the others in his alliance are wondering if this could be the right time to take out either Monte or Joseph, two players they view as huge threats to win challenges down the road.

While Jasmine is still making a big deal about someone stealing a bite of her muffin, and fully not understanding how voting works when talking to Alyssa, everyone else is strategizing for the week. Daniel is trying to pitch himself as a free agent, and he rightly realizes that Terrance is a bit of an outlier in the house too. He approaches him with the idea of working together to get Monte out of the house. Surprisingly, considering he hasn't been much of a strategic player so far, Terrance sees that this could be a good chance to change his fortune. He could work to get people on board with targeting Monte while also gaining a true ally in Daniel.

Now, no matter what Daniel does, his plan has no legs if he doesn't have anyone other than Terrance behind him. But, perhaps he does have some more people thinking the very same thing about taking out a bigger threat. Current HOH Michael has proven to be a very smart, strategic player, so of course he's running through all of his options this week. Brittany and Kyle both agree that they have to at least consider keeping the nominations the same and targeting Monte if they do control the veto, but who knows if this is a real plan or just a necessary airing of ideas to make sure they have all angles covered. Honestly, I could see it going both ways. You could argue it's too early to split the controlling alliance, but there's plenty of reason to get a threat like Monte out now too.

No plans can really be decided until the veto is won, and once again OTEV is back to crown a new winner. Playing alongside HOH besties Michael and Brittany and the nominated houseguests are Turner and Jasmine. As Terrance and Daniel see it, the best case scenario is Michael winning the veto, and then they can work their magic and convince him to keep the nominations the same and get Monte out of the house. Sure enough, Michael wins yet another competition — I'm honestly surprised he's allowed himself to win this many, because his résumé is going to make him a target within his alliance real soon — and Terrance and Daniel put their plan into motion.

They start by talking to Jasmine, Alyssa, and Indy, getting them onto the idea that sending Monte home would be a huge move and put them in a position of power next week. They're all giddy just thinking about it. So giddy, in fact, that they fail to execute their plan with any nuance whatsoever. Instead of thinking about the best way to subtly change Michael's mind, they each go to the HOH room one by one and make the exact same pitch to him. They tell him how big of a move it would be, that he'd be a Big Brother legend for taking Monte out. While Michael was certainly considering the move at some point, hearing the same pitch from five different people makes him suspicious, and he immediately clocks that they're all working together to try and save Daniel. Honestly, half of this house is a solid three steps behind the rest of the house in terms of gameplay.

So, in the end, Michael refuses to do anyone else's dirty work and instead sticks to the initial plan. He pulls the trio of Monte, Joseph, and Terrance off the block and replaces them with Daniel and Kyle. He even throws some shade at Daniel, paraphrasing his condescending HOH speech to Taylor and telling him he's "rubbed people the wrong way" and that "this is his chance to apologize." It's beautiful, a perfect moment of reckoning for Daniel, and surely we'll be seeing him walk out of the house Thursday night.

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