Big Brother recap: A straightforward eviction still makes for entertaining television

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Usually, straightforward weeks of Big Brother are boring. The show usually has to edit the footage in a way to create more intrigue than there actually is, trying to keep us engaged when we, and everyone in the house, already know who's going home. There's usually a lack of drama. This week is different. This week, egotistical Brent is so confident in his game that he thinks there's no way he's going home. Not only is he not worried, but he also keeps telling people that this vote will be "the biggest blindside of all time." Little does he know he's the one about to be blindsided, not the HOH Xavier.

As has been the case lately, Brent spends the first portion of this episode telling everyone how safe he is this week and how excited he is to blindside Xavier when Britini goes home. Everyone listens to him and nods along, but they know he's a goner. In fact, most of the players are already looking ahead to next week, starting to plan for the next HOH and who might be the obvious targets.

There's quite a bit of talk about the need to target the Kings next week because once Brent is gone, they'll be the only team with all four players left. Derek X, a member of the Aces, but also a member of the Royal Flush (Kings and Queens) alliance, isn't so sure about this move. He's worried about an alliance member getting voted out. But after chatting with his team a bit, he realizes that targeting the Kings could at least even up the numbers in the Royal Flush alliance (three of the Kings, three of the Queens, and Derek X as the lone Ace in the group) and ensure that he has a more stable place within that alliance. He sums it up as realizing that maybe so far, he's been doing what's best for his alliance rather than what's best for his personal game, and now he wants to make sure he's looking ahead and thinking about how he gets to the end of the game.

For now, though, let's get to the vote. Despite Brent's confidence, he's voted out of the house in a unanimous 11-0 vote. His exit interview is fascinating in just how delusional it is. First, he says he's not shocked (which isn't true) because he knows he's a threat, so of course, people would vote him out. Then he starts talking about how he's been playing a stellar game so far, so that makes him an easy target this week too. Then he goes on to say that he had "a lot of things cooking," so it makes sense that the house aligned against him.

It's a baffling exit interview. Brent was targeted because he rubbed everyone the wrong way, was unable to build meaningful relationships, and failed to read what was happening in the game. His exit interview is an exercise in protecting himself from any self-reflection or criticism. With all that said, I do appreciate that, unlike so many players these days, he's not upset about the vote or mad at anyone personally. He knows this is a game, and that he was lying and deceiving just as much as anyone else in the house, so he's taking this all in stride. His ego may be protecting him from truly understanding why he was voted out, but at least he's not whining about it on the way out.

Alright, that brings us to the next HOH competition. The teams must race to finish a surfboard puzzle, with each player getting 24 seconds to put some pieces together before they have to switch out for the next player in line. It's a great competition, and it has big implications now that most of the obvious targets are out of the house.

Christian ends up winning veto for his team, and that's huge because that means the Kings alliance is safe this week, which means the whole "target the Kings" plan is out the window and now some lines will be drawn in the sand. I think this will be a fun week with the Kings in control and a lot of deal-making and strategy going on. Let's hope it plays out that way!

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