Big Brother recap: An inevitable eviction still contains plenty of drama

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Daniel has had a fascinating run during his time on Big Brother. He was the first HOH, seemed to be executing a plan pretty well, and then had it all blow up when Paloma left the game and Daniel's HOH became worthless. After that, he became so focused on getting Taylor out of the house that he forgot to, you know, rope in some allies to help him do just that. So, when his only friend and ally, Nicole, got evicted from the house, that left him all alone.

So now Daniel is trying to make one last pitch to keep himself in the house before his inevitable eviction. The problem is, and I hate to seem mean, but The Leftovers have all of the smart, strategic players in their alliance and everyone else in the house is struggling to keep up. That's just the honest truth. Indy is basically a ghost in this game, Jasmine seems lost at all times, Terrance is mostly grasping at straws, and Alyssa's only read on the house is that she has a crush on Kyle. Normally I rebel against the controlling alliance in every season, but this year they're clearly the more formidable players.

I mean, Daniel is out here calling the alliance he just figured out "The Sorry Six." C'mon, man, you can't be this salty because you got outmaneuvered at every turn! Meanwhile, Jasmine and Terrance are pitching Joseph on the idea of voting Kyle out instead. Of course Joseph is confused because he's part of The Leftovers, but no one is more confused than Jasmine, who says Joseph can't possibly be in the alliance because he's clearly hearing about all of this for the first time. People lie in this game, girl! It's a strategy!

In other words, Daniel doesn't have much hope, and that means a lot of this episode is predictable, but also not without its drama because this is Daniel we're talking about. He spends a lot of time muttering to himself about how everyone in the house is a "weak player" and they're "scared to play the game" even though they've spent weeks blindsiding people. It's a whole lot of whining, and it's so entertaining. Daniel even tries to throw Kyle under the bus to Alyssa, but that's clearly not going to work.

So, when we finally get to the live eviction, Daniel knows he's done, which means he uses his speech time to berate the other players. He calls them "bozos" and "clowns" and wants them to wake up and play the game. He says he's ready to leave the house and stop spending time with weak players, and that once he's gone this season will be "boring." In essence, he throws one more delightful hissy fit before getting voted out by everyone in the house except Terrance.

During his exit interview, it's good to see Julie grilling him a bit. Daniel loves playing the victim, and Julie, who's only recently become more confrontational with the guests and questioning their behavior, doesn't let him off the hook. She points out that he was largely responsible for Nicole going home, and also makes sure that he understands that The Leftovers, who voted him out, initially banded together in part because they were sick of how he and Nicole were treating Taylor. Not bad, Julie.

So, Daniel is out of the house and things should get pretty interesting from here on out. The next HOH competition is underway, and while The Leftovers are still in control, things are about to get wild. Not only does the controlling alliance have to start thinking about how they might turn on each other, Julie tells us that next week the house will be split into two sides, that neither side will interact with one another, and that it will lead to a double eviction. That's wild, and should totally change the landscape of the season.

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