‘Big Brother’ Contestant’s Help From God Backfires

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Big Brother, contestant Dominique Cooper was praying and talking to God. When she asked why she was up for eviction, Dom claimed that God said Paul Abrahamian’s name three times. “At this point, I’m certain Paul is the snake,” said Dom. “However, I got a veto competition coming up, so I’m going to wait it out and I’m going to expose him at the right time.”

Well, the right time came when Dom admitted to fellow houseguest Alex Ow, the current head of household, that Paul was being a snake and a “tempter.”

Here’s the thing. Dom is right, and Paul is being a snake. But the houseguests don’t know that! So, Paul, aka Lord Voldemort, did some slithering around the house and woke up Dom to confront her. Things got heated when Dom finally broke down and exclaimed to the rest of the houseguests in the room, “They came for me, and I guarantee they’re coming for you. I promise unto God. If you don’t believe me, it’s totally up to you.” Paul then responded, “OK, you can use the Bible for whatever you’d like …  but I’m pretty sure God cannot vouch for you in this moment,” to which Dom assured him, “He will, he will. You will see. He’s here. If I’m here, he’s here.”

In the end, the veto meeting did not go in Dom’s favor. So it looks as though she’ll be crying out to a higher power at this week’s live eviction.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and the live evictions air Thursdays at 9 p.m., on CBS.

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