Big Brother confirms dramatic eviction twists for final week

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Big Brother confirm eviction twists for final weekITV

Big Brother 2023 spoilers follow.

Big Brother has confirmed a series of dramatic twists as the rebooted reality show heads into its final week.

Following the double eviction of Trish Balusa and Chanelle Bowen, the official X (formerly Twitter) Big Brother account posted a scoop that hinted at plenty of drama to come in the "most explosive week yet" before the season's finale on Friday, November 17.

"Right now the Housemates are making their first face-to-face nominations of the series, with the top three most nominated facing a shock IMMEDIATE Eviction," the post began.

"However, little do they know that instead of being sent straight home they will be sent to a secret Task Room to monitor the other Housemates and hear the fall-out from their 'shock departure'."

will best, big brother late and live

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The post finished by confirming that, as ever, the public will ultimately decide who stays and who goes – and that not all three of the 'evicted' Housemates will actually be axed from the show.

"You will then have the chance to vote to evict two of these Housemates, with the saved one RETURNING to the House to confront those that evicted them," it said.

One half of Big Brother's hosting duo Will Best also teased the twist on companion show Big Brother: Late & Live, airing the first face-to-face nomination of the season.

In the short clip, Jordan nominated Jenkin, telling him he felt "undermined" by the latter – and the tension looks set to worsen.

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The twist was also teased at the end of tonight's (November 12) episode with voiceover artist Marcus Bentley saying: "It's time for the final reckoning. A week full of shock evictions where every move could be their last. Who survives? You decide."

On tonight's episode of the show, Henry and Jordan took their relationship to the next level by sharing several kisses and the housemates had to complete a cleaning task which involves tidying away ball-pit balls, bubble bath bubbles and llama poo.

Big Brother airs on Sundays to Fridays at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX, with Late & Live following at 10pm.

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