Biden says we’re a country of possibilities, so Trump should run for president again

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Trump should run

President Joe Biden is very proud of what he once said to Chinese President Xi Jinping, among many others: “I have long said America is a nation that can be defined in a single word: possibilities.”

The Donald Trump haters and many hysterical Democrats are scared to death and feeling very threatened by the possibility that they could lose the White House, the country and taxpayers’ money if Trump were allowed to run for president again.

The obsessive and relentless attack to prevent and deny Trump the possibility of being reelected president is completely unfair, illegal and absurd.

- Steve Shaw, Kansas City

Royals hassle

I strongly agree with the commentary by The Wichita Eagle’s Dion Lefler about the Kansas City Royals’ smartphone-only ticket policy. (Aug. 17, 13A, “Buying Royals tickets a hot, sweaty, frustrating process”)

My grandson and I went to the game Friday night. We arrived about a half-hour before game time. My grandson had the MLB Ballpark app downloaded on his phone, but when we neared the front of the line, the man in front of us was having a problem with his phone. The woman in the ticket office tried to help but could not solve the problem. She spent 15 to 20 minutes before finally getting his tickets on his phone.

By the time we got into the stadium, it was the top of the third inning, but fortunately there was no score yet.

I would like to know how much the Royals are saving by making people use the app and not paper tickets, which would take much less time waiting in line. I think they would have many more fans attending if they went back to paper tickets.

- Steve Eisman, Kansas City

Cheney’s patriotism

Throughout our history, we have been fortunate to have individuals step forward to lead us through times of national crisis.

Rep. Liz Cheney, your dedication to duty above all else, and belief that truth must be our guide, means you will forever be remembered as one of those leaders.

When your time ends in Congress, please don’t walk from this. Your country needs you. Whatever you decide your next chapter will be, I will always support you.

Some may suggest your next move should be across the aisle, but, if you ask me, I think you should work to save the Republican Party from itself.

Thanks for all you have done for us. Some day, I hope to cast my vote for you as president of the United States.

- David Massy, Lenexa

Future wisdom

Thank you for the editorial about Spire Energy’s practices in excavating streets to replace older gas lines and pipes. (Aug. 5, 6A, “Spire needs to quit tearing up brand-new pavement”) In failing to comply with Kansas City’s plan for more orderly street maintenance, Spire prioritized digging up more profit over the public’s tax dollars and well-being.

This makes one wonder: How will Spire disrupt Kansas City next?

With passage of the federal Inflation Reduction Act, communities can soon rely on more stable energy prices enabled by wind- and solar-powered electricity, energy-efficiency measures and battery systems. IRA funds will flow to cities that show readiness for this future and a vision of hope for a prosperous community powered without reliance on expensive and harmful fossil fuel.

Unfortunately, Spire’s proposed Balanced Energy Resolution, to be considered Aug. 24 by the City Council’s Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee, would project the opposite image — one of fear of change — while pushing another generation toward dependence on fossil fuel. This would directly hinder Kansas City’s climate action goals.

The City Council must honor its commitment to supporting a healthier future for all Kansas Citians that does not depend on fossil fuels. And residents need to show up Aug. 24 to tell the council to reject Spire’s harmful proposal.

- DeAnn Gregory, Kansas City

Not listening

Members of the Kansas Legislature want to increase their regulatory authority after suffering a resounding defeat in the recent constitutional amendment vote. (Aug. 15, 1A, “Legislature seeks regulatory power after abortion defeat”) Talk about moving the goal posts!

This attempted usurpation of the people’s will by the Republican supermajority reminds me of Lorrie Morgan’s country music song “What Part of No (Don’t You Understand).” Will they get it? I seriously doubt it.

- Patrick McGarry, Overland Park