Biden to deliver Thanksgiving address to discuss ‘shared sacrifices’ during pandemic

Alex Woodward
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<p>Joe Biden on 24 November 2020</p> (AP)

Joe Biden on 24 November 2020


President-elect Joe Biden will address Americans on Wednesday to discuss the “shared sacrifices” facing millions of Americans during the Thanksgiving holiday amid the coronavirus pandemic, as infections across the US continue to surge by the millions and health officials advise against group gatherings.

His remarks from Wilmington, Delaware “will discuss the shared sacrifices Americans are making this holiday season and say that we can and will get through the current crisis together," according to his transition team.

Mr Biden’s address follows his formal introduction of several national security and foreign policy cabinet members and appointees joining his incoming administration, as Donald Trump and the federal agency overseeing his White House transition have finally agreed to begin the interim process after delays following the declared results of the 2020 presidential election.

That process means the president-elect will begin receiving the president’s daily briefings, which compile sensitive and classified information.

Warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have urged Americans to avoid traveling and stay home for Thanksgiving on 26 November. Travel officials reported that more than 2 million traveled by air this past weekend, one of the busiest periods for air travel since March.

More than 2 million new Covid-19 infections were reported within the last two weeks, bringing the nation’s confirmed case count to more than 12.5 million.

On Tuesday, health officials reported more than 2,200 people died from the coronavirus, the single-highest daily Covid-19 death toll since early May. More than 230,000 Americans have died during the pandemic.

“As cases continue to increase rapidly across the United States, the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to celebrate at home with the people you live with,” the CDC said.

Mr Biden’s team has met with infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci, who confirmed to ABC’s Good Morning America that he spoke with incoming chief-of-staff, Ron Klain.

In previous remarks and in campaign adverts, the president-elect has spoken directly to families impacted by the public health crisis, often referring to people missing loved ones at their kitchen tables.

He has urged that Congress pass a relief package already approved by the House to address the crisis, as food bank see spikes in demand, and millions of out-of-work Americans without extended unemployment relief face looming evictions pending moratoriums set to expire in coming weeks.

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