Beyoncé surprises fans with new song My House after Renaissance film premiere

Beyoncé fans have received an early Christmas gift, as the US star just dropped a surprise new song.

On Friday (1 December), the singer’s concert film Renaissance, A Film by Beyoncé was released in cinemas worldwide, following the previous evening’s premiere in London’s Leicester Square.

As well as the film hitting cinemas, fans were also treated with a new single, titled “My House”. The track plays during the credits of the concert film, and is a continuation of the house-infused sound Beyoncé weaved through her hit 2022 album.

The lyrics flit between the pop star brashly demanding that people “get the f*** up out my house” to a softer message of unity and acceptance.

“I’ll always love you/ But I’ll never expect you to love me if you don’t love yourself,” she croons above a heavy bassline. “Let’s heal the world one beautiful action at a time/This is real love.”

Later, she sings on the chorus: “Renaissance, the revolution/ Pick me up even if I fall/ Let love heal us all.”

Beyoncé (Getty Images for The Recording Academy)
Beyoncé (Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

On social media, people have been sharing their reactions to the unexpected new dose of music.

Writer and podcaster Ira Madison III wrote: “Renaissance in IMAX… when My House started banging during the credits I thought I was in the club.”

Another fan noted: “The fact that Beyonce is using her ACTUAL accent on this first half of this song… That’s that COUNTRY baby, that’s that Texas!”

Meanwhile, some others have theorised that the song marks the closing of Beyoncé’s Renaissance era before she debuts another.

“My house is the final bow to renaissance… she’s demanding us to get tf up out her house… oh we’re transitioning to act II,” reads a post on X/Twitter.


At the premiere, Beyoncé was joined by several high-profile guests, including Taylor Swift. Back in October, Beyoncé attended the “Anti-Hero” singer’s concert film premiere for the Eras tour.

The Lemonade artist also made a rare address to the audience, and spoke of her pride that the film was being released on 1 December – World Aids Day. Her uncle Jonny, who was gay, died in the early 2000s of an Aids-related illness, and has been cited as a key inspiration for Renaissance.

“Feel free to dance, sing, cry... thank you,” she told the crowd.

The Independent’s music correspondent Roisin O’Connor praised the film as a piece of high-quality art in its own right in her five-star review, writing: “For anyone who doubts the neccessity of a concert film, well, prepare to stand corrected.

“This isn’t just a highlights reel. It’s a rare and remarkable look at the staggering, Spielberg-style production that goes into putting on a show like Renaissance.”

You can read the review in full here.