Beyoncé Announces Renaissance Act II , Unveils Country Album's Trailer During Super Bowl 2024

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Only minutes after Beyoncé starred in a surprise Verizon commercial for Super Bowl 2024 — at the end of which she declared, “Okay, they ready! Drop the new music” — the superstar unveiled Act II, the highly anticipated and long awaited counterpart to her revolutionary album Renaissance.

In a tumbleweed-core trailer posted across all of her socials, Beyoncé is seen driving a taxi with a Texas license that reads “HOLD EM." Along a dusty road, she drives by a sign that says “Radio Texas, 100,000 watts of healing power.” To the sound of Southern guitar twangs, the camera pans to a group of men staring up at a massive, busty billboard of a waving Beyoncé. “This ain't Texas / Ain't no hold 'em / So lay your cards down, down, down, down," she sings in a snippet of a brand new song from the upcoming album.

The trailer ends with the release date of Renaissance: Act II, which is way sooner than you think: March 29, 2024. (Less than 50 days away!) It gets better: Bey has officially released the first two singles from the album, “Texas Hold 'Em” and “16 Carriages” on all streaming services.

Beyoncé has been giving out hints towards this announcement for the past few weeks, wearing extravagant cowboy hats out and about and at the Grammys 2024, and accessorizing her Super Bowl 2024 'fit with a cheekily-placed bolo tie. Shortly after her trailer drop, Bey posted the album art for the two new singles to her Instagram.

Fans have been theorizing a genre shift for Act II since Act I's release in summer 2022, speculating that the singer could pay homage to three historically Black music genres: house (Act I), country (Act II), and potentially rock ‘n roll (Act III). The Black Yeehaw Agenda is victorious. Does this mean we’ll finally get the Act I visuals now that a new era is officially loading?

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