What the BeyHive will be buzzing about when they see Beyoncé's “Renaissance” concert film

From Blue Ivy's "Diva" devotion to a new song in its end credits, you'll find a lot to clack your fan to in this one.

Happy Renaissance Film Release Day to all who celebrate! 'Tis the season to be slaying.

What a journey we've been on since Beyoncé announced in June of last year that she would unveil a new album the following month. Then she dropped "Break My Soul," sending aunties across the nation off to break their hips as they danced to the Robin S.–sampling banger.

Renaissance, Bey's seventh studio album and first since 2016's game-changing Lemonade, came out on July 29 and was met with immediate acclaim for its upbeat, disco-infused calls for personal liberation and self-fulfillment. Then this May, Mrs. Carter kicked off her Renaissance World Tour, which wound its way through 10 countries throughout the summer, becoming the highest-grossing tour by a female artist in history.

Now, on the cusp of what will surely be another big year, Bey has brought her massive, glittering tour to theaters in a work that's part concert film, part documentary, and pure honey. Written, directed, and produced by Beyoncé, Renaissance showcases the staggering effort and talent — four years' worth — that went into the globe-trotting production, while capturing the ecstasy of fans who were lucky enough to have witnessed it in person.

But for those who missed out, here's your chance to get in on the party and learn everything you need to know about the doc. And, of course, this being Beyoncé, expect some surprises along the way.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage Beyoncé
Kevin Mazur/WireImage Beyoncé

Come and cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it, baby

The actual Renaissance concert ran for more than three hours, but the film comes in at about two and a half, with the songs from Bey's fourth studio album, 2011's 4 ("1+1," "I Care," "Rather Die Young," and "Love on Top") landing on the cutting-room floor. But in return, we get some rare behind-the-scenes footage and commentary from the famously private superstar.

How rare we talking here?

Beyoncé keeps her personal life pretty close to the vest, but she reveals a couple of juicy tidbits in the film. For instance, she had knee surgery — apparently stemming from an injury involving a harness she used in her 2009 I Am tour — about a month before rehearsals for the tour began. Meanwhile, Bey kept getting sinus infections due to the smoke and pyrotechnics of the show — which, nevertheless, went on.

A "Diva" is born

One of the great joys of the film is watching Bey's eldest child, Blue Ivy Carter, come into her own as a performer. But before that, we get to see a bit of her and Beyoncé's mother-daughter dynamic on the subject of possibly cutting "Diva" from the setlist. "Nooooo! You can't!" Blue loudly protests, leading Mama Bey to ask her to take it down a notch. But turns out, Blue was right. "Diva" is both a female version of a hustler and an undeniable bop.

The apple doesn't fall far from the Bey

Speaking of Blue, we also learn that the 11-year-old caught wind of some not-so-nice things people had said about her on social media (because 11-year-old kids are apparently just asking for it), which only inspired her to work harder. "That's the Knowles in her!" Bey's dad and former manager, Matthew Knowles, says proudly.

What's this I'm dancing to in the end credits?

Just as she did with "Before I Let Go" at the conclusion of 2019's Homecoming, Beyoncé debuts a new track to cap Renaissance. "My House" is a propulsive dance song that fits in seamlessly with the rest of her latest album's floor-filling fare.

So...those visuals...

Remember when Bey dropped that teaser for "I'm That Girl" that looked like a setup for another visual album, but then we saw neither hide nor hair of visuals? Well, any hopes of them surfacing in the film have officially flown the coop. At this point the missing Renaissance visuals are part of the album's legend and lore. However, there's no shortage of hypnotic imagery to feast your eyes on in the riveting film documenting this landmark tour. Not that we'd say no to some music videos. Maybe on the DVD release?

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