BETTER Borrows From the Boys for Its SS23 Collection

Challenging the fashion industry to rethink its supposedly inherent need for overproduction, BETTER imagines a world where old garments are reinvented and given new life.

"We choose not to produce any more clothing, recognizing that our industry has already produced more than enough for us to work with as it stands. Through our specially developed upcycling techniques, we create timeless design artifacts of the highest quality that cost the earth very little to make," the brand declares in a press release.

Its Spring/Summer 2023 collection is as transformative as its core mission. "Out of Office" puts a rebellious spin on the pieces that traditionally haunt cubicles as tailoring recontextualizes masculine silhouettes to empower the wearer. Breezy fabrics like linen and light wool imbue the collection with a breath of fresh air, arriving in a crisp and clean color palette of whites, beiges and a spectrum of neutral tones in between. A touch of femininity rings through as oxford shirts bear strategically placed cutouts, while lingerie becomes outerwear, holding its own alongside one-sleeved asymmetric suits, sleet gray skirt sets accented with dramatic capes and dainty, silk camisoles.

Taking it one step further, each of BETTER's garments come with a unique passport, allowing the customer to trace the provenance and production of their purchase. Even moreso, shoppers can use individualized digtal avatars to incorporate their own custom metrics and proportions for a better fit.

Take a look at BETTER's SS23 collection, "Out of Office."