Best Valentine’s Day Deals From Target


All you need is love — and approximately $192.80. That’s how much consumers are expected to spend on average this Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation.

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Collectively, Americans will dish out $25.9 billion on the romantic holiday in 2023, up from $23.9 billion in 2022 and one of the highest spending years on record.

Though consumers are apparently ready to spend on their sweethearts this Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be keeping a sharp eye out for discounts. Inflation, though cooling somewhat, is still keeping prices high, and the majority of Americans are struggling to pay their utility bills.

Those looking to scoop up savings on Valentine’s Day candy, cards, décor and more might want to head over to Target, where they can score the following items at good prices.

Mini Waffle Maker

“Dash makes a lot of mini appliances and their waffle makers are adorable, but what makes this [product] great is it comes in red or pink, so it’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift and you can score bonus points with your Valentine if you use it to make a romantic brunch,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with

“On top of that, you’ll save 5% if you use your RedCard to pay, which makes the deal even better. Pair it with some fancy mixes like the pink chocolate chip or red velvet pancakes and flavored syrups for a gift package that’s perfect for the waffle lover in your life.”

The Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker sells at Target for $9.99.

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Pink Candle Set

“Candles are one of those items that can feel luxurious without having to spend a ton of cash,” Ramhold said, “and what I love about this pack is that you get three for $10, which means you can use them in different rooms or just pick your favorite scent to burn at one time.

“Just note that these have the potential to make you and your gift recipient hungry since the scents are almond shortbread, raspberry apple blossom and red velvet cupcake.”

Valentine’s Day Candy

“Target has a wide selection of candies themed for the lovey-dovey holiday, but they have a current offer to buy three select items for $10,” Ramhold said. “This means you can treat yourself to favorites like Reese’s Hearts, York Peppermint Patties and Kit Kat minis in festive wrappers in one go, and then use those to make goody bags for kids or just as an afternoon pick-me-up.

“If you’re looking for seasonal candy in cute shapes and wrappers, this is a much better deal than what some other retailers are charging. Just note that to get this discounted price you’ll have to use same-day pickup or same-day delivery services.”

Cute Mugs

“If your Valentine loves coffee, tea, hot chocolate or some other mug-fitting drink, Target has such a cute selection of different kinds of mugs,” Ramhold said. “They note that prices start at $5, but some of the plainer designs are even cheaper — like this simple 15-ounce stoneware available in a few different colors for $2.

“But some of my favorite ones that seem perfect for Valentine’s Day include this 13.3-ounce Hearth & Hand with a simple heart for $4.99 and this gorgeous 16-ounce mug that reads ‘Je t’aime‘ for $5. They’re such cute little ways to show your love, and you can sweeten the gift by filling it with your recipient’s favorite candy like those mentioned above or even making your own hot cocoa mix, or you can spring for Target’s Good & Gather mix and add strawberry whipped cream, strawberry marshmallows or red velvet marshmallows to make it even more special.”

Strawberry Dipping Kit

“My favorite deal for Valentine’s Deals at Target is the strawberry dipping kit,” said Pilar Scratch, a shopping and fashion expert. “They cost only $8.99 each. I love them because they’re affordable and you don’t have to spend $100 on luxury strawberries. With these you can now create them yourself. They’re a Target-branded product and the best price I was able to find for the kits.”

The ‘Love Is Love’ Candle

“This candle fills your home with the enticing aromas of sugar and watermelon [and] would look lovely in your Valentine’s decor,” said Rousseau Vestal of Find The Aisle. “[It’s] a must-have that you’ll want to keep on hand and is simple to display on a mantel or a side table.”

The Love is Love Sugared Watermelon Valentine’s Day candle retails for $10.00 at Target.

Valentine’s Day Cards

“I’m smitten with the colorful selection of Valentine’s Day cards for everyone starting at $3,” said Sam Russell, fashion stylist and founder of Giving Closet. “We love to hide notes on Valentines to each other — in the car, suit pocket, briefcase, etc. — so that through the day the smiles keep coming. There’s a sea of high-quality cards in fancy boutiques all around town. Target has wrangled the same quality under one roof at a much more competitive price — and [has] better parking.”

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