The Best Type Of Beer To Drink In The Shower

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You've heard of cracking open a cold one on the beach, at a BBQ, and even in your living room after a long day. But why wait to enjoy a beer after you've rinsed off all the stress of the day? Next time you're craving something boozy and full of hops, head for the shower. The concept of shower beer was coined by a Swedish beer company called Pang Pang. The brewery wanted to create a beer that was small enough to be enjoyed during a quick shower while still delivering that refreshing sipper. Its mere six-ounce-can isn't enough to get you significantly buzzed before turning off the tap, but it proved to be plenty for providing a touch of indulgence during an otherwise mundane activity. Some people enjoy the contrast of drinking something chilled while enjoying a hot shower, while others get a kick out of the concept of multitasking.

No matter the reason for enjoying it, the concept of shower beer has since grown in popularity, encouraging light and dark beer drinkers alike to grab their favorite brew before taking a steamy shower. While there's no doubt that everyone has their own opinion, we couldn't help but wonder -- is there a superior type of brew that is best enjoyed amongst steam and suds? According to discourse online, some beers seem to be made for bringing home and enjoying in the shower, while others should definitely stay barside.

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These Beers Are Sure To Elevate Your Next Everything Shower

Beer in shower
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A Reddit user and avid shower beer aficionado asked fellow beer drinkers, "Who do you like to share your shower with?" (Referring, of course, to the various brands and types of beer.) Many people agreed that various Sam Adams brews and Miller High Life are top of the line when it comes to a simple, quality beer. While others claimed that their favorite craft brew or local selection reigns supreme, most of the answers pointed to one conclusion: Light beers are best in the shower. The color of your beer doesn't have much to do with alcohol content, but it does determine what style and flavor of beverage you're about to enjoy. No offense to Guinness and other dark brown shades of beer, but light beer packs a burst of freshness that you're looking for in a shower beer. Even Hop Culture's top ten ranked shower beers were all light roast IPAs and pilsners that provide that extra brightness that dark beers lack.

One user on the r/beer thread was not caught up on the latest boozy trend, but was quickly educated on the shower beer lifestyle: "A shower beer is the ultimate lazy weekend day activity. There is nothing like starting your day off with a warm shower for your body and a cold beer for the soul."

Apparently, There Is A Right And Wrong Way To Enjoy A Shower Beer

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While this practice might seem a little silly upon first mention, a beer in the shower goes hand in hand just like a nice glass of wine and a relaxing bubble bath after a long day. But there are right and wrong ways to indulge. Shower beer drinkers emphasize that the beer you enjoy must be from a can, not a glass or bottle, while in the shower. Avoiding broken glass is reason number one, but your beverage will also remain cool when it's in its aluminum container. Companies have crafted beer holders that suction cups right onto your shower door or tile, perfectly shaped to hold a tall can of beer while you lather away.

It is also a widely understood rule that your shower beer is meant only to be enjoyed in the shower. Bringing a half-enjoyed beverage out of the bathroom goes against the essence of what a shower beer is meant to be: A way to indulge in something refreshing and cold while rinsing off in warm water. Commit to finishing your beer before drying off.

While there are a few standard rules for shower beers, getting buzzed does not have to be one of them. Whether you're participating in dry January or taking a more extensive break from alcohol, there are plenty of non-alcoholic beers on the market that will allow you to enjoy the refreshing taste of something boozy in the shower while keeping you sober.

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