Best Theratronics Ltd. Has Won Multiple International Tenders Worth 30 Million USD for New Cyclotron Systems & Upgrades

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CHICAGO, October 25, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Best Theratronics Ltd. (BTL), a member of TeamBest Global (TBG), has received multiple cyclotron orders — Best 35 MeV High Current Proton Cyclotron Systems, Best 6–15 MeV High Current/Variable Energy Delivery Cyclotron System, and multiple technology upgrades to high energy cyclotrons — by competing in International Tenders in Asia, Europe and the USA.

BTL manufactures a wide range of Proton Cyclotron Systems — from 1–150 MeV for research/radioisotope production/therapy and cyclotrons of various energies for Multi-Particle Alpha/Deuterons/Protons — which are manufactured at Best Theratronics Ltd., in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In addition, Best ABT Molecular Imaging (another member of the TBG Companies) located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, has manufactured and shipped five (5) Best BG-75 Cyclotrons this year alone, with plans to increase production substantially starting in early 2022. This will allow the additional production of its other models, such as the NEW Best Model 200, as well as the Best Model 3d Low Energy Deuteron/Proton Cyclotron, along with other treatment delivery systems.

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