The best snacks in America? One is made in Johnson County, according to this list

Susan Pfannmuller /Special to The Star

Food & Wine recently listed Kansas City’s eight best barbecues.

Now it has another new listing: “The Best Snack in Every State.”

The magazine said its goal is to “paint a broad picture of American food culture, and to celebrate the considerable breadth and diversity of what’s on offer, from sophisticated tinned seafood in the Pacific Northwest to the humble but mighty boiled peanut in the Deep South.”

But it also had one stipulation — the snack would need to be shipped without a lot of effort (so no dry ice).

For Kansas: sunflower seeds

“The official flower of the long goodbye to summer is also the founder of one of the state’s favorite between-meals feasts — a handful of sunflower seeds. Raw, roasted, salted, however you like, they’re everywhere,” said Food & Wine. “One of the most iconic ways to eat them, however, is dipped in chocolate and a colorful candy coating — like an M&M, but with a sunflower seed inside. The Sunflower Food Company near Kansas City sells theirs nationwide via Amazon.”

Officials with Sunflower Food in Lenexa couldn’t be reached for comment.

For Missouri: Red Hot Riplets.

“A bag of hot-and-sweet Red Hot Riplets ridged potato chips from local maker Old Vienna is about as iconically St. Louis as the Gateway Arch, Provel on pizza, or a salami sandwich at Gioia’s Deli on The Hill,” the magazine said. “Think spicy barbecue and you’re getting close, but it’s spicy barbecue at a level of intensity that some people simply can’t handle.”

Red Hot Riplets also made the Food Network’s online gallery “Savor the Show-Me State: What to Eat in Missouri” in 2017.

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Food & Wine also picked Scotcheroo for Iowa’s favorite snack and Chocolate Meltaways in Nebraska.

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