The best films on TV: Tuesday, 5 May

Ben Dadds
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Beauty and the Dogs, Warrior, The Babadook.
Beauty and the Dogs, Warrior, The Babadook.

There’s magic and mystery, fraternal fights and unflinching, empowering drama on telly today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Tuesday, 5 May.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Bank robbing magicians stay one step ahead of relentless FBI agent in rabbit-abusing, mystery-chasing frenetic thriller Now You See Me 6:50pm Film 4

Gunless cowboy and swordless samurai battle despot’s killer gang in stupendously stylised post-apocalyptic beat’em up fun Bunraku 10:45pm Sony Movies Action

Marine trains under estranged dad to battle brother in MMA tournament in one-punch-KO-ing, fraternal fighting, limb-breaker Warrior 10:55pm Film 4

Troublesome boy and his mourning mother face wrath of grievous ghoul in charismatic, chilling, psychological creepfest as emotional allegory The Babadook 11:00pm SyFy Universal

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Robotic detective drama as Bruce Willis tracks down serial killer in inexplicably childless Philip K Dick-esque SciFi Surrogates 11:10pm Sony Movies

Surviving sexual assault at hands of the law, young woman must fight for her right in face of tormentors' unapologetic power: unflinching tour-de-force Beauty and the Dogs 1:40am Film 4

Having been forcibly sucked dry by James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe reanimates chimp-homunculi in gloriously gruesome fun Victor Frankenstein 2:35am Horror Channel

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