Best draught excluders for doors to keep out the cold air

 (August Grove)
(August Grove)

Winter is coming, and the energy crisis is already here. While there’s not much you can do about either of these facts, you can make the season ahead a more comfortable and less costly one with a few tweaks around the home.

While you should put the heating on when you need it, there are some efficient products to invest in now so that you’re not running central heating around the clock. Make sure your bed is covered with a high tog duvet which will help retain body heat and keep you snug until morning. Cosy blankets, loungewear, socks and slippers will also help keep you toasty while a small heater offers localised warmth and bypasses the need of heating the whole house.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, "Draught-proofing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy – and money – in any type of building."

That doesn’t mean sealing yourself in and hibernating until spring. Ventilation is necessary to avoid damp. Draught proofing is more about sealing up unwelcome gaps around windows and chimneys, and especially around the edges of doors to keep valuable heat in.

Retaining heat also means you won’t need to turn on the central heating as much, keeping pounds in your pocket.

You can employ professional draught-proofers who will use the right materials to block cold air from entering the house, but for a less expensive quicker fix, a well-placed draught excluder can really help.

There are designs across the board, with options to suit every taste as well as budget. While they’re not famed for their aesthetic, there are some stylish options available. We’ve found the nicest to buy now.

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The White Company Curly Sheepskin Draught Excluder

Want to make your home feel extra cosy? Get your hands on this draught excluder, made with robust New Zealand sheepskin. The stylish look taps into the boucle interiors trend that’s everywhere right now. At 15cm in length, it will fit across most standard door frames and there’s a matching doorstop available too.

Buy now £75.00, The White Company

Keylime Design Mind The Gap Draught Excluder

Bring the iconic London Underground phrase to your door with this statement excluder, available in an array of colours. Small sacks of grain create helpful weight so that once it’s in place, it won’t move unless you want it to.

Buy now £41.95, NOTHS

Izabela Peters Luxurious Draught Excluder

This designer has taken the concept of a draught excluder - essentially a heavy weighted sock - and turned it into a thing of beauty. Patterned fabric makes this an energy-saving home accessory you’d quite happily keep on display. Available for speedy delivery for Prime members.

Buy now £28.99, Amazon

Don the Dachshund Draught Excluder

A playful look you’ll love looking at, this draught excluder is modelled on a sausage dog. The pooch looks snug too, wearing a fun sweater to keep him - and you - warm.

Buy now £28.00, Next

Brambly Cottage Fouts Gold Bee Draught Excluder, Polyester, Black

A sleek look to keep warmth in your hive, this black draught excluder makes the honeybee the star of the show. Also available in honey yellow and subdued grey, the 100 per cent polyester cover can be removed for machine washing.

Buy now £13.99, Wayfair

Gallery Nutcracker Draught Excluder

A festive addition to your Christmas decorations, employ an army of Nutcrackers to keep Jack Frost at bay. The woven design is made from tough polyester and features a gold trim.

Buy now £18.00, Very

CB Home Vintage Union Jack Draught Excluder

A vintage look that screams cool Britannia, this Union Jack-themed draught excluder promises to help keep heat where you want it - inside the home. The reverse is a block navy and the cover can be removed for cleaning when needed.

Buy now £13.99, Amazon

Isabella Check Draught Excluder Natural

An elegant draught excluder can be hard to find, but this one from Dunelm checks all the boxes. The warm tones add to the cosy vibe and will complement a wealth of interior styles. Made from polyester, the weighted design is perfect for stopping cold air from flowing into the room.

Buy now £12.00, Dunelm

August Grove Huebner Sheep Fabric Draught Excluder

A lovely design for the bedroom, this sheep-themed draught excluder promises to make nodding off that much easier.

Buy now £15.99, Wayfair

Tebrun 2X Window Draught Excluder Tape

Doors aren’t the only culprits when it comes to draughts; windows can be just as bad. If you detect air coming in from around windows, you can seal them with this 6mm thick foam tape. With a strong sticky backing, all you’ll need to do is cut your strips to size and attach to the offending gaps.

Buy now £8.99, Amazon