The Best Dessert at Dairy Queen Is Only Available on the Secret Menu

According to fans, it’s the most underrated treat at the ice cream chain.

<p>Lecia Landis/Dotdash Meredith</p> Photos: Getty Images

Lecia Landis/Dotdash Meredith

Photos: Getty Images

Picking your favorite Dairy Queen dessert is like picking your favorite child—it’s impossible to choose just one. I mean, just this season alone, the DQ menu is offering confetti-dipped cones, peanut butter cookie-spun shakes, and more delicious Blizzard options than one customer could ever need.

But, recently, fans have uncovered the most underrated Dairy Queen dessert of them all. And, because this unique treat combines not two, not three, but four layers of deliciousness into one, it’s become an unmatched crowd-favorite. The catch? It isn’t actually on the menu.

Dairy Queen’s Viral Cupcake Hack

Recently, one TikTok creator shared a newly discovered way to hack the DQ dessert menu, and it has fans flipping out (just like a Blizzard). She calls it a ‘cupcake in a cup’ and it’s basically a personal-sized ice cream cake, complete with soft vanilla ice cream and crunchy chocolate cake crumbs.

Not only does this layered treat look tasty, but the decorations make it downright adorable. This creator’s cupcake stuck to a spring theme and featured a cute little duckling nestled in a bed of pink flowers. Sorry, but dessert just doesn’t get better than that.

“I was influenced to buy this secret Dairy Queen item—the cupcake in a cup—and look how cute it is,” the TikToker shared. And after one bite, here was her report on the flavor: “Exactly how you would imagine it—amazing.”

What’s in the Dairy Queen Cupcake?

The layered DQ dessert starts with a serving of chocolate or vanilla soft serve, which is topped with a puddle of cold fudge and a heavy sprinkling of "cake crunch". To finish it off, a rich, creamy, and colorful frosting masterpiece is added.

“​​That cookie layer is where it's at!,” raved one fan. “I want to run out to DQ right now,” said another.

But, don’t be fooled—even though these cupcake cups are new to TikTok doesn’t mean they’re new to the fast food chain. “This is crazy! I thought everyone knew about these,” commented one TikTok user. “I’ve ordered them for 20 years!”

How to Order the Dairy Queen Cupcake

We know that sometimes special instructions are needed when seeking out secret menu items, but from everything we’ve seen so far, the order looks pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is ask for a cupcake in a cup (and, specify your ice cream flavor request if there are multiple options). At some Dairy Queen locations, these treats are made to order, while others batch-assemble them and store them in the freezer, making them less customizable. Either way, they’ll be cool, creamy, and unlike any other DQ sweet you've tried before.

Unfortunately, because all Dairy Queen stores are independently owned and operated, some locations might not offer the internet-famous treat. But, don’t be too bummed out—there are plenty of other signature DQ treats to curb your dessert craving.

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