The Best Cut Of Steak To Serve With Eggs For Breakfast

steak with eggs
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Steak and eggs is a real old-school, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast in the best way possible. Most of us probably prefer something a little more light and simple in the morning, like toast or yogurt, but there is no denying the appeal of a full plate of red meat and scrambled eggs, filling you up for a full day of hard work. Or maybe it's just a weekend breakfast and you want to treat yourself. Either way, steak and eggs is meant to be hearty, simple, and satisfying. It shouldn't be a project meal that you have to plan ahead or take hours cooking, and it's not something you want to be getting too fancy with either. Several different cuts of steak can fit that bill, but the best option for most people is going to be a top sirloin.

Steak and eggs is a favorite breakfast of mine, something I've probably made a hundred times over the years, and when I'm looking for a breakfast steak I'm looking for three characteristics. It needs to be relatively cheap; because this is just breakfast after all, it needs to be tender, and it needs to be flavorful without much dressing up. Sirloin, and top sirloin in particular, fits this bill better than any other cut. Some cuts like ribeye may be tender and have plenty of flavor, but they fail on price, while most other cheap cuts are too tough.

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Top Sirloin Makes Simple Steak And Eggs Easy And Delicious

top sirloin steak
top sirloin steak - Vladimir Mironov/Getty Images

Why those qualifications? Because with breakfast, more than most meals, time is a factor. If you are making steak and eggs you probably aren't going to be marinating or brining your steak to make it tender, and you certainly aren't slow cooking anything to break down tough muscle fibers. You need a cut of steak that can take a quick, hard sear in a pan and still be buttery soft.

The same logic goes for flavor. With steak and eggs, you want salt and pepper, maybe a pat of butter for basting, or maybe a pre-made steak rub. This is not a time for au poivre or bordelaise, you want steak that tastes like steak, with minimal additions. The minimalist approach gives you that classic, hearty steak and egg experience you want. Top sirloin comes from the rear of the cow where the muscles get more work, which gives the cut a naturally stronger beefy flavor without needing any sauce. Just try to find a top sirloin with the best marbling, because it tends to be a lean cut, which is part of why it's so affordable.

It's also important to use steaks labeled top sirloin instead of just cooking with sirloin steaks. Steaks labeled only "sirloin," are often bottom sirloin, which is tougher, and even leaner than top sirloin, making it less suitable for quick cooking. Avoid that one small mistake, and you'll be in steak and egg heaven.

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