The Best Cheese To Pair With Your Paper Plane Cocktail, According To An Expert

Bartender making a paper plane
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Wine and cheese go together like, as Forest Gump would say, peas and carrots. But wine isn't the only boozy beverage that you can pair with cheese. You can also drink some of your favorite cocktails alongside this savory snack. There are so many different cocktails with diverse flavor profiles out there that the possibilities are endless for coming up with great pairings.

One tasty option to sip alongside some cheese is the Paper Plane, a beverage that's made of Aperol, bourbon, and Amaro Nonino (a bitter Italian digestivo) paired with lemon juice. If you're a fan of Aperol Spritzes or the often-forgotten cocktail called the Last Word, this is a beverage you might just jive with.

Now, when it comes to which cheese to snack on while drinking this beverage, Matthew Rose, ACS CCP, CCSE, and Partner at Fairfield Cheese Company, has some insights. He spoke with the Daily Meal in an exclusive Q&A, sharing that, "A cocktail like a Last Word or Paper Plane, with its more herbal/citrusy flavors works really well with a soft goat's milk cheese."

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Why The Paper Plane Works So Well With Goat Cheese

Slices of goat cheese
Slices of goat cheese - Ramses02/Getty Images

To understand why this combination is so good, it all boils down to the flavor profiles of goat cheese and Paper Planes. For their part, Paper Planes are fruity drinks with herbal notes. The lemon juice gives them a sour, citrusy kick as well, while the herbs in the Amarino Nonino add bitter undertones to the cocktail.

Now, here's where the goat cheese comes in. The tanginess of this particular cheese amps up the citrus and sour touches in the Paper Plane. At the same time, it has a gamey flavor that pairs well with the fruitiness of the beverage. Plus, the earthy flavor of the cheese is a great complement to the herbal notes of your drink.

Now, one thing to note when pairing goat's cheese with a Paper Plane is that there are variations on goat cheese as well. You can play around with these to help make certain flavors in your cocktail more prominent. For instance, you could use a dill goat cheese to bring some of the grassy and citrusy flavors more to the forefront. Or, try a honey goat cheese to ramp up the sweetness of the pairing. Feel free to experiment with different types of goat cheese to find a combination that you feel perfectly balances your Paper Plane.

Other Cheese And Cocktail Pairings To Consider

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If this Paper Plane pairing inspires you to try other cocktail and cheese combinations, there are a few different things to keep in mind. For one, you'll want to pay attention to the liquor in the drink as this will affect how it works against the cheese. High-ABV liquors and those with powerful flavors can work with stronger cheeses that stand up to their bold taste. An example might be pairing a smoky scotch with an aged cheddar. Milder liquors, on the other hand, may be better suited to more delicate options.

Rums, which tend to be a bit sweeter, could work with a Havarti, whereas something herbal like Jägermeister can work against a mild, soft Brie. Don't forget the other ingredients in your cocktail and how they work with the cheese and affect the drink's overall flavor. Plus, considering any other pairings that you'll serve along with your cheese is key too. For instance, you might be pairing goat cheese with a drizzle of honey or serving dried fruit or nuts alongside slices of brie. These, too, will introduce new flavors that you'll want to mesh well with your cocktail and cheese combo.

Another thing to consider is texture. Cocktails can have textures such as creamy, frothy, and refreshing, while cheese can be crumbly, hard, soft, and more. Think about how these textures work in tandem. With these tips you're ready to put together more cheese and cocktail pairings beyond the Paper Plane and goat cheese option!

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