Who has the best burger in Raleigh? Vote now in the Final Four of our Burger Bracket!

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After a razor thin first round in the Raleigh Burger Bracket, Round 2 was a real barn burner of burger fanaticism.

More than 11,000 people cast over 40,000 votes, more than doubling the numbers from the first round, whittling our Raleigh burger quest down to the final four.

Moving on to Round 3 are:

Cowbar, Fine Folk, Neuse River Brewing and The Station.

That means three Raleigh burger giants fell in Round 2, as voters left the venerable Players’ Retreat and Char-Grill and popular MoJoe’s Burger Joint behind. Based on the Final Four, Raleigh’s burger love has shifted towards newcomers.

Just to recap, the News & Observer is seeking out Raleigh’s best burger. We started by narrowing the city’s burger-sphere down to 16 of Raleigh’s most popular local burgers. Some are icons, some are newbies, some are smash burgers, some are towering restaurant-style burgers served with a cloth napkin. All have made some contribution to Raleigh’s collective burger joy.

There are plenty of great burgers outside of Raleigh, and those burgers will have their day. This bracket is only for homegrown burgers in Raleigh, excluding some very popular and very tasty chain burgers that originated elsewhere.

The third round of the Raleigh Burger Bracket starts at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 5, and will be open until 11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 5. You have three days to vote for your favorite burgers. Pick two favorites from the grid below.

Check back for Round Four starting Friday, Oct. 8 at noon.

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Learn more about Raleigh’s Final Four

Cowbar Burger

Fine Folk

Neuse River Brewing

The Station

Note: The bracket does not contain scientific data. All votes are user-generated by choice.

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