Best Alex Ovechkin goals from six 'centuries' of scoring

Alex Ovechkin might be the greatest goal scorer of all time. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty Images)

Since arriving on the scene as a flamboyant rookie, Alex Ovechkin has been a volatile scoring sensation. The image of Ovechkin’s stick winding up while he waits on a pass is enough to make any goalie petrified.

His goal-scoring prowess led the sniper to another major milestone as Ovi recorded the 600th goal of his career on Tuesday against the Winnipeg Jets, thus ushering in a new century of goal scoring.

While Ovechkin is sure to score many more memorable goals in the future, let’s take a look at his greatest from his six “centuries” of sniping.

(Ovi 0-99) Scoring on his feet was too easy, so he tried it from his back.

After scoring 31 goals in his rookie season on his feet, Ovechkin grew tired of it. Too easy, too simple for the rookie scoring sensation. So in this game, Ovechkin took his goal scoring ability to a completely different level by doing it from his back.

In retrospect, the only thing in this video that might be crazier than his goal is seeing Wayne Gretzky behind the bench for the Phoenix Coyotes.

(Ovi 100-199) Dances around Henrik Tallinder, and beats Patrick Lalime.

While the Great 8 is known for his spectacular shot, sometimes going under-appreciated is the breakaway speed he possesses. In this game against the Buffalo Sabres, Ovechkin couples his astounding speed with his magnificent mitts for an awe-inspiring goal.

(Ovi 200-299) From his back… again.

Starting to look familiar? It definitely should. In this ridiculously insane Ovechkin goal, he passes the puck to himself around Roman Hamrlik. After he receives the perfectly placed pass he lowers his shoulder on Kyle Chipchura, trips up, and while being on his back he is able to miraculously put the puck past Carey Price.

(Ovi 300-399) The Great 8 makes the 2012 Chicago Blackhawks look like 2018 the Chicago Blackhawks.

While the move Ovi demonstrates makes this goal extremely remarkable, what makes it even more impressive is who he did this to. This wasn’t some third-line defenseman who missed his opportunity to get off on a line change, this was the dominant Duncan Keith. Going one-on-one with one of the best defensemen in the NHL, Ovechkin proved just how skilful he is.

(Ovi 400-499) The Russian Rocket scores a rose-worthy goal in the Garden State.

Excuse the “Bachelor” pun.

The vision and elusiveness by Ovi on this goal is other-worldly. Let us not forgot that he measures in at 6′ 3″ and 235 pounds. The Russian superstar is able to squeeze his way between a pair of defensemen and go top cheese on his backhand while falling to the ice.  

(Ovi 500-599) From capital to capital, Ovechkin dekes out Senators’ Erik Karlsson to mark #501.

First Duncan Keith, and now Erik Karlsson. Alexander the Great has beaten a pretty stout list of defenders en route to scoring some pretty nifty goals. This extravagant effort saw Ovechkin use his frame and finesse to get by the current Sens captain and deposit his 501st goal.