Best air-cooling fans to invest in right now

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It doesn’t take much for me to declare “Phew! What a scorcher!” Just a negligible uptick in temperature will have me foraging for shorts and loading up the ice tray. 

But when summer finally does arrive, and even manages to string together days, if not weeks, of warm weather, then I think we can all feel justified investing in a cooling fan.

Fan technology has evolved dramatically. Clever cooling, built-in timers and even anti-allergy air purification are all on offer, often in a stylish chassis that doesn’t look like it was found on Bootsale Challenge.

Read on for our guide to the best cooling fans that will keep you chilled during the humid months ahead...

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

A stylish edifice in silver or white, this Dyson boasts proprietary Air Multiplier technology to keep your room cooler, without the hurricane roar of blades.

Air Multiplier technology works by pulling in surrounding air and then excelling to deliver a consistent air flow. The maker says this allows it to work with far greater energy efficiently. 

Buy it: Dyson AM07 Tower Fan | £339 from Currys PC World

Wood Effect Taper Tower Fan
Wood Effect Taper Tower Fan

And because it’s blade-less, the AM07 is not a dust trap waiting to send clouds of dirt into your room.  

The AM07 is good for larger spaces, and can oscillate through 90 degrees. It comes with a handy remote control, so you can experiment with its various speed settings. Cleverly, this curved controller can be stored on the unit itself.

Small wonder the AM07 currently scores an impressive 8.7 out of 10 from buyers at Currys PC World.

John Lewis & Partners Wood Effect Taper Tower Fan

Fans don’t have to lack style, as evidenced by this statement piece from John Lewis and Partners. Boasting an unusual taped, wood effect design, this eye-catching tower features an LED status display with touch controls. 

Buy it: Wood Effect Taper Tower Fan | £90 from John Lewis

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan
Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

You don’t need to get hands-on though, as the fan also ships with a remote control, making it a breeze to switch between its three wind modes.

The Taper Tower has three fan speeds, with fixed or oscillating options. A built-in timer means you can programme it to start wafting within an eight hour window. John Lewis buyers praise both its elegant design and the power of the fan.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier

If you’re looking for a more compact cooling solution, but one that can also improve air quality in your home, then Dyson’s Pure CoolMe looks the ideal solution. Suitable for home office or bedroom, it features a HEPA filter able to capture 99.5 per cent of unwanted airborne particles. Just the ticket if you have sniffy allergies.

Buy it: Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier | £299 from Currys

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier
Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier

The Pure Cool Me uses Dyson Core Flow system, for a steady cooling stream of air, and comes with a programmable timer, up to eight hours ahead. A nifty remote control is included in the box.

Airflow can be adjusted by angling the dome, so you can personalise the flow. It’ll also rotate 70 degrees for the widest distribution. A simple LCD display helps you keep an eye on fan speed and filter, warning when it needs to be changed.

The Dyson Cool Me Air Purifier is currently rated 8.4 out of 10 by Currys buyers.

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