Berry, Fogle win primary for District 1 council seat, according to unofficial results

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Rahsaan Berry and Tayna Fogle will face each other in the November election, seeking the Urban County Council 1st District seat.

Berry had 43% of the votes, while Fogle followed behind with nearly 33%, according to final unofficial election results with 100% of polling places reporting on Tuesday night. The two other candidates for the seat, Michael Wilson and Doyle Warren, earned 17% and 8% of the votes, respectively.

Berry and Fogle will face each other again on November 8.

“It’s surreal,” Berry said Tuesday night. “I’m just ecstatic.”

Berry said he hopes to continue connecting with the community before the November election, something his father taught him.

“I want (the community) to allow me to be their voice,” Berry said. “I serve them, and I want to do what’s best for our community, and hopefully we continue building better relationships as we go on to November.”

Fogle celebrated on Tuesday night with family and friends, and said they broke out into cheers and dancing as the results came in. Fogle said she hopes she and Berry can work together over the next few months, despite running against each other.

“I am living this Cinderella story,” Fogle said. “I am the Cinderella in this race.”

Fogle said she will continue meeting with the community leading up to the November election.

“I’m still going to be out here in the trenches,” Fogle said.

James Brown, who currently holds the District 1 seat, is seeking election to council-at-large. He will also continue to the November election for the council-at-large after finishing third in the race.

Berry, Fogle and Warren were all seeking elected office for the first time, while Wilson was seeking a return to a seat he held more than 30 years ago.

Who were the candidates in the primary?

Earlier this month, each of the candidates spoke with the Herald-Leader about their campaigns and views on issues in Lexington.

Berry spent 25 years working for the Lexington Police Department. Berry said his career with the police department will impact how he approaches the council seat if he is elected.

“I’m dependable, I’m reliable and I’m credible,” Berry said. “I’ve served you already for the last 25 years of my life as a public servant. I’ve dedicated my life to trying to protect and serve, number one, but also always coming up with solutions on how to improve our neighborhoods.”

Fogle is a community organizer and activist. If elected, Fogle said she will approach the council seat “as an organizer, not a politician.”

“I’m familiar with the first district,” Fogle said. “I love the first district. I am the first district. I’m their neighbor.”

Warren has been a minister for 43 years, and said he would bring his experience of working with the community to the council seat if he is elected.

“I’ve told the community, I’ve told the faith leaders in the community: You will be able to contact me directly,” Warren said. “I want to hear about your issues.”

Wilson has been minister for 51 years, and decided to run for the seat to continue his previous work.

“After 36 years, I am back to do what I can,” Wilson said.

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