Bernie Sanders delivers a message directly to Trump: 'Why don't you do your job?'

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Bernie Sanders visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Wednesday, and put President Donald Trump on blast. The president has repeatedly commented and tweeted about the DNC’s desire to prevent Sanders from being the Democratic presidential nominee, and Sanders doesn’t think that should be one of his priorities right now.

“What amazes me, here we have a stock market that is collapsing, you have a coronavirus that is scaring the entire world, we have climate change which is a threat to the human planet and Donald Trump keeps worrying about the Democratic primary,” said Sanders.

Sanders’s interview with Fallon, soon turned into a direct message to Trump. “Mr. President, if you watch anything other than Fox, I don't know that you do, why don't you do your job?” said Sanders. “Pay attention to the needs of the American people, don't worry so much about the Democratic primary.”

While Sanders obviously would like to be president, he’s more concerned with Trump serving just one term. And should Joe Biden, who currently has a lead over Sanders in the primaries, get the nomination, he’s hopeful that Trump will still feel the burn.

“I think even Republicans and moderates are going to say, you know what, we can't have four more years of this guy,” said Sanders. “So do I think Joe can beat him, I do.”

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