Bentley seasons the Continental GT and Bentayga with carbon fiber pack

Tony Markovich
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Because Bentley is Bentley, and nothing it offers is "regular," it has a different name for select features available on its vehicles. Rather than calling these options or packages, they are called "specifications." One of the specifications available on the Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible and the Bentayga is called the Styling Specification, and it brings gloss carbon fiber elements to these cars' exteriors. 

Both the Bentayga and the Continental GT have numerous Specifications available for extra purchase. The Bentayga is available with a Blackline Specification, All Terrain Specification, City Specification, Event Specification, Smoker's Specification, Sunshine Specification and the Touring Specification. In addition to the Smoker's, City and Touring Specs, the Continental GT also offers the Diamond Knurling Specification, Mood Lighting Specification and Front Seat Comfort Specification.

The Styling Specification, though developed to align with the vehicles' aerodynamics, are intended to create a visual impact, as the name suggests. This package uses high-gloss carbon fiber to shape a front bumper splitter, side skirts with metallic Bentley badges, a rear diffuser and the trunk spoiler. The Bentayga is slightly different from the Continental GT package, as it also features a bi-plane tailgate spoiler and rear screen strakes. Further options include carbon fiber front air blades, wing vents and mirror caps.

The carbon fiber in the Styling Specification uses a 2x2 twill pattern with matching directional weave across every part. It is also hand-crafted in a way that the carbon fiber is mirrored at the center of the vehicle to create a balanced look that will please perfectionist minds.

Bentley says the Bentley badges on the side skirts were created through 3D electroforming, which could generally be described as a more precise version of 3D printing. The badges were specifically designed to "minimize the risk of air bubbles forming in the lacquer overcoat" while introducing a textured look.

The Styling Specification can be ordered for a new car or retrofitted on an old car. It will also soon be available on the Bentley Mulsanne.

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