Benny Blanco 'Reverses' His Opinion on Filipino Fast Food Chain After Backlash

The music producer, who often reviews fast food on his TikTok account, changed his tune following his second taste of Jollibee

<p>Benny Blanco/ Tiktok; Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty</p> Benny Blanco and the Jollibee logo

Benny Blanco/ Tiktok; Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty

Benny Blanco and the Jollibee logo

Music producer Benny Blanco is changing his tune about a popular Filipino fast food chain.

Jollibee has quickly expanded to 73 locations in the U.S., including 31 in California. Jollibee is known for its fried chicken — called Chicken Joy — and Filipino takes on spaghetti (using hot dogs and a sweet sauce) and dessert pies (filled with mango or ube instead of apple).

Blanco, 35, frequently posts about fast food on his TikTok account, typically while or after smoking marijuana, but didn't have many positives to share in a review video posted late last week.

In the video captioned "my first time trying Jollibee," Blanco revealed that his stepmom is Filipino and he grew up eating a "s---load of Filipino food." After saying the adobo rice "tastes like butt," he maligned the popular chicken, which he called "soggy as f---" before proceeding to dip into his pineapple drink.

His initial review was viewed over 5 million times with many of the comments critical of his take.

"Benny your literal review about Jollibee is my literal review of you 🥲," read the top comment, which netted 88,000 likes.

"You just made some enemies with that Jollibee disrespect," another commenter replied.

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Blanco, who is dating Selena Gomez, may have heeded the backlash, because the very next day he posted a follow-up video titled "filipino food take 2," in which he did a full 180.

"Holy f---" Blanco declared after taking two huge bites of the Jollibee chicken sandwich. "Not only is this sandwich so good, I completely reverse my opinion of how it sucked. You could go there just for this," he said, taking another huge bite.

Fans were divided over his about-face.

"He knew he needed to redeem himself lol," one fan wrote on the second video.

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"We all know he's being sarcastic," another responded.

Blanco is sharing his own recipes in his upcoming cookbook, Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends.

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