Ben Stiller jokes, amid college admissions scandal, that his daughter got a football scholarship

Like many other parents of teenagers, Ben Stiller is embarking upon the college search with his 16-year-old daughter, Ella. And although he admits that there’s an immense amount of pressure facing parents and children alike through the process, Stiller says he’s supporting his daughter as much as he can — without breaking the law.

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In an interview with Ellen Degeneres that aired on Friday, the actor and director gave a shoutout to his daughter, who was sitting in the audience, and shared that she was there to look at Southern California colleges. But when he was asked about how the search is going, he couldn’t manage to talk about the subject without poking fun at the recent college admissions scandal that fellow actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are caught up in.

“It’s great. She is going to go to Yale on a full football scholarship. And she’s going to major in Photoshopping,” Stiller joked, referencing Loughlin’s daughters, who got into University of Southern California as rowing recruits after allegedly Photoshopping their faces onto athlete’s bodies.

Stiller quickly laughed off his own joke and got more serious when he admitted that it’s a “crazy time,” explaining how trying the process really is.

“I mean, look, there’s crazy pressure that the kids go through and the parents go through. But, you know, obviously you gotta draw the line,” he said.

According to her father, Ella’s true career ambitions are focused on acting, which he says she’s very passionate about.

“It’s a crazy business, as you know, so I just want to kind of support her in it in any way possible,” he said, before adding, “legally,” which received a huge applause.

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