Ben Rothwell excited to show personality with BKFC after UFC became ‘a little bit of a cookie cutter’

Ben Rothwell feels refreshed by his move to bareknuckle boxing.

A former UFC heavyweight contender, Rothwell is 10 days out from his debut at BKFC. He’s scheduled to fight Bobo O’Bannon at the BKFC 30 on Oct. 1 at Fant-Ewing Coliseum in Monroe, La. – and is already enjoying the newest chapter of his career.

An MMA veteran of 51 pro bouts, Rothwell is not only excited to try a new form of combat, but he also thinks he’ll show his personality more than did recent years fighting for the UFC.

“Yeah, no knock on the UFC. I left on great terms and everything is good, but it did become a little bit of a cookie cutter,” Rothwell told MMA Junkie Radio. “Everybody is dressed the same, everyone looks the same, and kind of took the personalities away. That’s just a fact. It’s nothing none of us don’t know already.

“While (with) this, I get to kind of become myself again. I always talk about the guy you’re talking to now isn’t the guy that fights. I’m certainly known to have a light switch, and on fight night, I definitely have a persona that comes out.”


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Rothwell is 40 and has been fighting professionally in MMA since 2001. He’s been involved in combat sports for over two decades and still loves it.

The MMA veteran isn’t sure how long his sting in bareknuckle boxing will last, but as of now, Rothwell doesn’t see retirement nearby.

“What I know is that I need to do me and let my body decide, my mind decide,” Rothwell said. “I feel like I got my wits about me and I feel good and I’m healthy.

“I’m 40, but there’s a fire here. When the fire goes away, and you don’t want to fight and you’re just fighting for money, yeah, I’ll immediately be done and walk away. (But) that’s not just where I’m at. I love what I do, and I’ve been doing this a long time. That’s what’s more important. When your passion is in it, you will fight good, and you will be safe.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie