Ben Affleck reveals more on the tactical Batman suit for Justice League


There’s plenty of hype and anticipation over the future of Ben Affleck’s Batman, especially where ‘Justice League’ is concerned.

While Affleck’s solo outing is in the works, we’ll next see the Dark Knight appear in Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’, which is the Avengers equivalent for DC.

Speaking to Extra TV on the upcoming superhero projects and about what fans can expect, Affleck teased over the new additions we will see to the Batsuit in terms of tech and gadgets.

“There’s two suits in ‘Justice League’. One we’ve seen before, and then one that he augments because of the nature of the mission… which I can’t give away. But it was a chance for them to play with the suit and add elements to it and tech it out. I thought they did a really good job. It was really fun.”


So we’re about to see a whole lotta new extras to Batman’s arsenal, and considering he had plenty of violent toys to disarm and seriously injure foes with in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, we can only imagine what’s in store next.

And in terms of what’s going on in the future Bats movies, Ben was very tight-lipped about it. “J.K. Simmons is in it!” is all he will say on the matter, so at present details are still firmly under wraps.

Obviously we already knew Simmons was part of the reboot plans as Commissioner Gordon, so whatever else we find out about the new Batman movie will be strategically released by Affleck and DC as time goes on.

Fans are hoping that after ‘Dawn of Justice’ failed to live up to expectations, the rebooted version of Batman will give its audience something to shout about. However, coming so soon after Chris Nolan’s hugely popular The Dark Knight trilogy starring Christian Bale, the Oscar-winning Affleck’s got a lot to measure up to.

‘Justice League’ is in UK cinemas on 17 November, 2017.

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Picture credit: Warner Bros.

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