Ben Affleck, Matt Damon to produce movie about Anthony Robles reportedly starring Jennifer Lopez

Hollywood stars and longtime friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have teamed up with Amazon to produce a movie about former Arizona State University wrestler Anthony Robles, with Affleck's wife, singer Jennifer Lopez, reportedly set to star.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend, Affleck said Artists Equity, a new production company started by Affleck and Damon, is, “just getting rolling on working again with Amazon, to do the story of a wrestler named Anthony Robles, who was born with one leg and won a national championship for Arizona State."

Their company has produced the upcoming film "Air,'' about how Nike developed the wildly popular Air Jordan brand by pursuing Michael Jordan in his rookie year in 1984.

Robles currently is the head wrestling coach at his alma mater Mesa High School and also has made a career in giving motivational speeches.

Reached by The Arizona Republic, part of the USA TODAY Network, on Wednesday, Robles deferred comment about the film to his agent, who had not yet responded to an inquiry seeking comment.

Robles spoke with The Republic earlier this month regarding his first season as head coach for Mesa High School's boy’s wrestling program.

"I’m just trying to take a successful program and make it even that much more successful,'' he said at the time. "It's a big shoe to fill but I’m ready for it, I’m excited. My goal is to make this a top-five program in the state and eventually we’d like to be a team state champ.”

During his time as an ASU wrestler, Robles earned many awards for his accomplishments, despite being born with only one leg.

He won the Outstanding Wrestler Award at the 2011 NCAA tournament. He also went undefeated in his senior season and was named a three-time NCAA All-American (2009-2011). Robles also went on to win the Best Male Athlete with a Disability at the 2011 ESPYS, along with receiving the Jimmy “V” award for perseverance.

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Robles more recently drew attention when he set a record for consecutive pull-ups, 62, two years ago. "This record is always going to hold an important piece of my heart," Robles told The Republic at the time.

Last year, he attempted to set a record for the most pull-ups in 24 hours, but fell short after sustaining an arm injury after reaching about 2,700 in 10 hours, about 5,000 short of the record.

A film about Robles' life has reportedly been in the works for at least the past four years. The Republic first reported on plans in a 2018 article and again in 2021.

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The film, based on Robles’ 2012 autobiography Unstoppable: From Underdog to Undefeated: How I Became a Champion, will star Emmy winner, Jharrel Jerome, as Anthony Robles, according to a report last week from Deadline, which focuses on the Hollywood entertainment industry.

According to that report, Jennifer Lopez, who is married to Affleck, also is set to star in the film. Affleck confirmed as much in the CBS interview also when asked about it during the interview. He said, “What fun, what a joy to do something with her, see her be great, go to work with your wife, go to work with your best friend,'' he said.

Production on the Robles' film has yet to be announced.

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