A 'belligerent' Frontier passenger was arrested after grabbing an intercom and hitting a flight attendant with it, airline says

  • Frontier said a "belligerent" passenger was asked to deplane a flight to Tampa, Florida on Sunday.

  • A woman grabbed an intercom and struck a flight attendant when asked to deplane, the airline said.

  • She was arrested by Denver law enforcement, Frontier told Insider.

An unruly Frontier Airlines passenger assaulted a flight attendant after she was asked to deplane a Sunday flight to Tampa, Florida, the airline told Insider.

Frontier Airlines said the plane from Denver, Colorado, was delayed by about four hours because a woman became "belligerent." Flight 708 was scheduled to take off at 00:55 a.m., but departed from the airport at 5:30 a.m. instead.

"As she was deplaning, she picked up an intercom phone and struck a flight attendant with it," the airline said.

The passenger, whose identity wasn't disclosed, was arrested by Denver law enforcement, Frontier said. The police department didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

A fellow passenger in the second row told Insider the disruptive passenger attempted to switch seats. Despite being asked to return to her assigned seat, she refused to comply, according to the passenger.

A different Frontier passenger made headlines earlier this month when she was flown to a foreign country 900 miles away with no passport after being directed to the wrong place without her passport.

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