What is the ‘Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub’ pet trend on TikTok?

An unhinged animal trend on TikTok has pet owners howling.

The “Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub” trend has people creating montages using cursed images of their pets to the tune of a very spooky song. The name comes from the lyrics to “Year Zero” by Ghosts. In the haunting number, the band sings various names for satan.

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User @carponas shared a video of their cat behaving mischievously with the caption, “My cats as the 6 demons.”

Each time Ghosts sang a different name for the devil, the photo transitioned. The snippet of “Year Zero” included the names “Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer.”

The sound has now been used in over 58,000 videos on TikTok.

TikToker @ladyandtheblues‘ video of her dog received over 6.6 million likes and 39.4 million views.

Meanwhile, @vantatheraven — an actual raven — had no trouble embodying the creepy theme with its dark feathers.

Speaking of birds, the duck from @callduckofficial had more of a sense of humor about the situation.

The user @sullyandirwin’s ferrets and their sharp little teeth were very much feeling the “Satanas” vibe.

TikToker @natalia_f_a_’s horse looks like it would ride comfortably among the four horsemen in her photo set.

This Brooklyn home office gets a California-inspired makeover with just $1,000:

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