Beeper Mini is back, promising iMessage access on Android if you sign in with an Apple ID

The service is free for the time being.


A battle to bring iMessage access to Android is not yet over, even though Apple recently closed a loophole that seemingly allowed Beeper and other third-party apps to tap into the service. The latest version of the Beeper Mini app for Android once again allows users to send and receive messages.

Beeper says its team has been working around the clock to restore iMessage functionality after Apple shut down the app's access to the service. Now, Beeper cofounders Eric Migicovsky and Brad Murray say the team has found a solution. There's one key caveat, however: phone number registration isn't working and you'll need to sign in with an Apple ID. You'll send and receive iMessages via your email address instead of your phone number. The Beeper team says it's working on a phone number fix.

In the meantime, the team says it's not comfortable with charging users while its service remains in flux. As such, Beeper is free to use for the time being. "As soon as things stabilize (we hope they will), we’ll look at turning on subscriptions again," Beeper wrote in a blog post.

Migicovsky and Murray added that, despite Apple's assertions to the contrary, messages sent via Beeper Mini are end-to-end encrypted and secure. In fact, they suggest that Beeper is a more secure way for iOS and Android to communicate with each other than regular SMS. Apple does not yet support the more secure RCS standard Google has embraced, but it plans to start doing so in 2024.