BBG Sim Racing Extended Social Promo

BBG Sim Racing Extended Social Promo

Video Transcript

STEFY BAU: Sim racing, it's not so much as a substitution of real racing, but has been another way to try to get more women to achieve what they want in life. 50% of gamers in the world they are female. My goal is to pick from that, and start to show the motorsport industry that we do have the number. We can create that critical mass.

The adrenaline is the same because when you are a racer at heart, you want to win. So if that is winning in the digital world or winning in the real world, the feeling is exactly the same. So there are already many competition out there. So we came up with the idea to do something that it's never been done before.

So Screen to Speed comes-- Screen from a digital world, to Speed, in the in real life world. So what we are doing here is really capture the attention of the millions of gamers, they are worldwide, and give them an opportunity to get involved with motorsport at a fraction of the cost.

One of my motto is definitely, for sure, to make the impossible possible. That's what I love to do. Like if there is something that is put out there to me and say, you can never do this, or, no, that's impossible, I'm like, let me show you.