The Battle of Ontario is back, don’t take the bait Leafs fans

The Senators have had an eye-catching offseason, trading for Alex DeBrincat and signing Claude Giroux in free agency. Ottawa fans have wasted no time in trolling Leafs loyalists about the strength of their top six.

Video Transcript

- Battle of Ontario was back. Have you seen it? You've definitely seen it if you've been on Leafs Twitter like me.

There's been a lot of bait everywhere. And when I say bait, I mean things that fans say that they know certain fanbases will respond to. And of course, I'm talking about Sens fans.

Ever since the Sens have made the trade for Alex DeBrincat, they signed Claude Giroux. Now we're seeing a whole bunch of tweets saying that the Sens top six is better than the Leafs top six.

I mean, chill, right? But it is interesting to see. But I guess on a fun note, it is cool that this is coming up. I think this is the first time in a while that both the Leafs and the Sens have been good on paper.

Usually, it's been the Leafs have been good for a long time. And the Sens have been trying to rebuild, retool, whatever. But now it seems they're in a position where they're actually going to try to get into the playoffs. And the Leafs obviously are going to try to win the division.

So I think what we're seeing now with all of this trolling and back and forth on Twitter between Leaf's fans and Sens fans, I mean, get used to it. It's going to be a whole season of this. And I made the point-- I made a joke earlier like watch next year ironically be the year that the Leafs stop losing to Ottawa because for some reason we always end up losing to them.

But hey, maybe now that they're good, the reverse may happen. However, it would be really unfortunate if we finally-- if we are in the playoffs, we face Ottawa, still can't lose. That would be-- man, that would suck.

That would be really tough. But all kidding aside, the Battle of Ontario is back. Avoid the bait.

Don't take it Leaf's fans. Our top six is better. It's not even a debate.

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