Barry Manilow shuts down rumours that he will also remove music from Spotify

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Barry Manilow has shut down rumours that he will be removing his music from Spotify, following the decision to do so by fellow artist Neil Young.

The Copacabana singer said he did not know where the reports had come from, but they had not come from himself or his representatives.

It comes as both Young and Grammy award-winner Joni Mitchell announced they would be removing their music from the streaming giant for allowing the dissemination of coronavirus misinformation.

Speculation that Manilow would follow suit appeared on social media.

But writing on Twitter the US singer said: “I recently heard a rumor about me and Spotify.

“I don’t know where it started, but it didn’t start with me or anyone who represents me.”

Young reportedly requested his content be removed from Spotify due to its hosting of the Joe Rogan podcast, which has been known to air vaccine-sceptical views.

Mitchell said online that she stood “in solidarity” with Young and the medical communities against “irresponsible people” who were spreading lies on the platform and “costing people their lives”.

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