Barry Keoghan says he’s “haunted” by his first TV role

Saltburn star Barry Keoghan has revealed he is "haunted" by his TV debut (via The Mirror).

The actor played a minor role in Irish crime drama Love/Hate back in 2013. Appearing as a gangster called Wayne, Keoghan's cold-blooded character shot a cat dead in the opening of an episode.

Despite it taking place over ten years ago, Keoghan can't escape the lasting impact of the sinister scene.

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"I'll never get away from that cat. I was in the MetLife stadium in New Jersey about two years ago. I think there was about 90,000 people there and someone pulled me and said 'You're the guy that shot the cat'. I just thought 'Ah here, I'm halfway across the world and someone said it.'"

Keoghan's unfortunate reputation has even led to people avoiding him on the street: "I was away filming in England when all that came out and I kept being sent pictures of papers with me on the front of me. I thought 'What's going on here?'" he said on RTE Radio One.

Elsewhere, Vogue Williams confirmed the severe impact of Keoghan's role, calling him "bloody amazing" but saying he won't be able to live cat-gate down.

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"Everything he does, he turns to magic. Saltburn was one of the wackiest films ever and he knows how to play the part so well," she gushed.

"Honestly, I've loved Barry since Love/Hate. Even back then he creeped us all out by killing the cat, and he's still doing it. We'll never let him live that down but he has gone above and beyond in proving himself as one of the best actors out there at the minute."

Keoghan is now set to join the cast of Iraq War movie Amo Saddam, where he will be playing an American soldier who guarded former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein while the dictator was on trial for crimes against humanity.

Amo Saddam is scheduled to begin production this autumn.

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