Barn Fire Costs Couple Two Antique Cars And More

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Three cars were lost, two of the antiques, in a barn fire that spared the couple’s house.

A northern New York woman, Tab Gordon, noticed the power flickering in her hour in the middle of the day last week. This prompted her to check outside to see what's going on, and that's when she noticed that billowing smoke was quickly approaching. While, thankfully, the house she was in was spared, the barn on the property was not so lucky, and three cars, two antique, were burned beyond repair.

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The barn was about 30 feet away from the house, which is a little too close for comfort, so it's surprising the house was spare. Tab and her husband Bob have lived on the property for 35 years, and Bob was a few blocks away from the property when the house caught on fire. Tab called for help and when her husband and son got on the scene, their priority was instantly to spring into action to save the house. Thanks to their quick thinking and the fire departments in Lorraine, Mannsville, Adams and Adams Center, the home was saved with only suffering from minimal damage to the house's siding.

Bob’s 1954 Chevrolet and his 1955 Dodge pickup truck were inside the barn, and he just completed extensive work on the Dodge truck, heartbreaking. Tab’s car was also inside as the third vehicle lost - everything inside the barn was destroyed. The cause of the fire is not yet known at this time, and Mrs. Gordon is said to have a little smoke inhalation, but is expected to be completely fine.

Source: NNY 360

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