Barista begs customers to ‘stop the hacks’: ‘We should not be making employees’ lives harder’

All the TikTok drink hacks have one barista fed up. While the customer is getting a better deal, the worker is getting the short end of the stick.

TikToker @the_hip_barista is begging people to stop the coffee hacks. A user posted a clip where you can order the same $6.45 drink for $2.45 by finessing the system. But these kinds of money-saving tricks can potentially cost workers their jobs.

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“Stop with the hacks. Stop making minimum wage workers do circles for you,” he said. “Just order a pumpkin spiced latte.”

The barista explained that these hacks make the jobs of baristas much harder. The standard recipes only call for 4 ounces of milk, but people who use these tips want a full cup.

If they fill the cup, workers get in trouble for wasting product. If they don’t fill the cup, customers complain to management, and they get in trouble anyway. It’s a lose-lose situation for employees.

The barista wrote in the comments that the real hack is to “force the minimum wage worker to give them stuff for free.”

“I totally agree with you and I will no longer post anything that will compromise the staff, appreciate you bringing this up, it was not our intention,” @hellthyjunkfood, who originally posted the hack, replied.

“If you want it cheaper just make it yourself, a cheap espresso machine can be like $40,” someone wrote.

“The amount of people who get mad at us because our store never fills it up we straight up tell people to order lattes, we will not do the hack,” another commented.

“Starbucks also needs to make it so guests can’t order drinks this way either,” a TikToker replied.

“We need to realize that we should not be making employees’ lives harder for no reason,” a person said.

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