Barbie's Greta Gerwig addresses possible Ken spin-off

Barbie director Greta Gerwig has addressed the possibility of a Ken-centric spinoff to the 2023 film.

Based on the iconic Mattel toy, Barbie starred Margot Robbie as the titular plastic, fantastic doll alongside an all-star cast that included Ncuti Gatwa, Dua Lipa and, of course, Ryan Gosling as Ken.

The film was a big hit and Gerwig has coyly reacted to the idea of turning the film into a franchise with a spinoff centred on Ken.

During a 60 Minutes interview with Sharyn Alfonsi, the question of whether a full Ken-movie could exist was posed, to which Gerwig replied: "I mean, the truth is, you know…I guess we’ll see."

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Elsewhere in the same interview, Gerwig hinted that the original film included a lot more Ken, that had to be cut out.

"We had way too much material for Ken. We would write, and write, and write," she revealed.

Robbie previously told Associated Press that the film was intended to exist as a standalone movie, rather than a franchise.

"I think we put everything into this one. We didn’t build it to be a trilogy or something," the star said. "Greta put everything into this movie, so I can’t imagine what would be next."

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Gosling has also given his take on whether audiences will be returning to Barbieland any time soon – and it's not great news. "Oh, I'm not going anywhere near that. We really know nothing." Gosling said. But he did add that should anything happen he would like to play "Husky Ken".

Previously, Gerwig mentioned that before casting, she wrote the part of Ken with Ryan Gosling in mind.

"We wrote his name into the script and everything… and [Gosling’s name] was everywhere," she said. "And then when we handed them the script, the studio was like 'Oh, it’s so wonderful that you know Ryan.' And I was like, 'Oh, I don’t know Ryan. I’ve never met Ryan, I have no idea.'"

Barbie will also hit streaming service Max on December 15, just in time for some pink festive fun.

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