Bally Sports KC’s Joel Goldberg had an interesting interaction with Twins mascot

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Screengrab of Bally Sports Kansas City Twitter video

The Twins spent 107 days in first place in the American League Central Division earlier this season, but things have gone south for Minnesota, which is now two games behind Cleveland.

Minnesota is 7-11 in its last 18 games, including Monday’s win over the Royals, and the Twins have not posted a winning record in a month since May.

Have the team’s recent struggles gotten to Twins mascot T.C. Bear? That could be one (completely not serious) explanation for his actions before Monday’s game. Bally Sports Kansas City’s Joel Goldberg and Jeff Montgomery were doing their Royals pregame show when T.C. clowned around with the duo.

Goldberg joked that T.C. may have taken things just a little too far and offered a suggestion to Royals mascot, Sluggerrr.

That was goofy, right? The best part of that video was Goldberg’s mock outrage.

T.C. saw that tweet and gave a simple but firm response.

Now that’s an edgy mascot.